Actions: Verbal Conversation

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Environment: PlaceDitch
Cultural Issues: RaceBlack stereotype
Themes and Motifs: Objectsknife
Relationships: MaritalAdultery
Aesthetics: NarrativeCommentary
Cultural Issues: Class
Themes and Motifs: MoralsFaith
Relationships: HierarchicalLandlord-tenant
Actions: VerbalConversation
Cultural Issues: ClassPower
Themes and Motifs: Absence/LossMoney|Wealth
Environment: PublicRoad | Time of DayNoon
Cultural Issues: ClothesShoes
Aesthetics: StylePresent tense
Actions: VerbalConversation
Themes and Motifs: NamingAlias
Actions: VerbalConversation
Cultural Issues: EconomyRural sales
Themes and Motifs: PastPast in present
Environment: Domestic SpaceBedroom | PlaceHotel
Cultural Issues: WarWound
Themes and Motifs: ObjectsMirror
Relationships: MaritalVicarious wedding
Actions: VerbalConversation
Cultural Issues: SexualityDesire
Themes and Motifs: Absence/LossAbsence
Environment: OlfactoryFlowers | PlaceSawmill
Environment: NaturalBody of water
Relationships: FamilialFather-son | SocialAdversarial
Environment: Time of YearApril | Time of YearSpring
Environment: PlaceOffice
Actions: VerbalConversation
Cultural Issues: ViolenceCyclical