Environment: Atmospheric Dust

Tagged Events

Actions: MovementWagon
Themes and Motifs: AnimalsMules
Relationships: InterracialWhite-black
Actions: MovementHorse
Cultural Issues: WarCivil War | WarPlunder
Themes and Motifs: AnimalsHorses | ObjectsCoffee
Aesthetics: DictionRural vernacular
Environment: AtmosphericDust | PublicStreet | Time of DayEvening
Actions: MovementSurrey | VerbalThreat
Cultural Issues: SexualityExtra-marital
Themes and Motifs: PastInnocence
Environment: AtmosphericDust
Actions: MovementCar
Cultural Issues: ProgressCars | ProgressRoads
Themes and Motifs: MoneyWasting | Recurring TropesSecret
Aesthetics: NarrativeParentheses