Actions: Play

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Environment: Time of DayMidnight
Actions: PlayPoker | VerbalCursing | ViolentFighting
Themes and Motifs: Chaos/OrderChaos
Actions: Play
Themes and Motifs: NamingChange over time | NamingRenaming
Aesthetics: ToneHumorous
Actions: BodilyEating | PlayPoker
Themes and Motifs: AnimalsDogs
Actions: Play
Cultural Issues: GlobalExoticism
Themes and Motifs: ObjectsSlipper
Relationships: FamilialFather-son
Environment: PublicDrugstore
Actions: PhysicalEating | Play
Cultural Issues: Health and IllnessDrugs
Relationships: FriendshipAdult-child
Cultural Issues: Sexuality
Themes and Motifs: ValuesSuccess
Relationships: FamilialAunt-nephew
Actions: PlayBetting | PlayPoker
Cultural Issues: SlaverySlave trading
Relationships: MaritalArrangements
Actions: PhysicalDancing | PlayGambling
Cultural Issues: CrimeKidnapping
Themes and Motifs: ObjectsDice | Recurring TropesTrying to say
Environment: PlacePark | Time of YearSummer
Themes and Motifs: ArtClassical music | ObjectsMirror
Relationships: FamilialFather-daughter
Environment: WeatherRain
Actions: Play
Themes and Motifs: MemoryRemembering | ObjectsWisteria
Relationships: FamilialMother-son
Environment: Domestic SpaceGate
Actions: EmotionalCrying | PlaySports Golf
Cultural Issues: RaceSegregation
Relationships: FamilialDissolution