Environment: Public Street

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Environment: PublicStreet
Actions: MovementWalking
Aesthetics: DictionRacist term
Environment: PublicStreet
Actions: MovementWalking | VerbalYelling
Cultural Issues: GenderClothing
Environment: PublicStreet | Time of DayDaytime | WeatherHeat
Actions: MovementDriving
Cultural Issues: GenderClothing | SexualityProstitution
Relationships: SocialAdversarial
Environment: PublicStreet | Time of YearSaturday
Actions: VerbalGossip
Themes and Motifs: Arrivals/DeparturesReturn home
Relationships: MaritalHusband-wife
Environment: PublicStreet | Time of YearSaturday
Cultural Issues: EconomyWages
Themes and Motifs: CharacterWork ethic
Aesthetics: NarrativeRepetition
Environment: AtmosphericDust | PublicStreet | Time of DayEvening
Actions: MovementSurrey | VerbalThreat
Cultural Issues: SexualityExtra-marital
Themes and Motifs: PastInnocence
Environment: PublicStreet
Actions: MovementSurrey
Cultural Issues: ProgressCars
Themes and Motifs: AnimalsHorses | ObjectsFlowers