Themes and Motifs: Futility Inability

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Environment: AtmosphericDust
Cultural Issues: EconomyMarket day
Themes and Motifs: DeathSuicide | FutilityInability | HomeHomecoming
Relationships: InstitutionalPolice-arrestee
Environment: PublicCourtroom
Actions: MovementWalking
Cultural Issues: GenderWomen as sacred
Themes and Motifs: FutilityInability
Relationships: FamilialFather-daughter | FamilialSibling
Cultural Issues: EconomyAdvertising
Themes and Motifs: DeathSuicide | FutilityInability
Actions: ViolentFighting
Cultural Issues: GenderMale rivalry
Themes and Motifs: FutilityInability | MoralsChivalry
Cultural Issues: EntertainmentMovies
Themes and Motifs: FutilityInability
Actions: ViolentBeating
Cultural Issues: ClothesCross dressing
Relationships: FamilialKinship