Environment: Public Road

Tagged Events

Environment: PublicRoad | Time of DayNight | Time of YearSummer
Cultural Issues: ViolenceShooting
Themes and Motifs: AnimalsHorses
Relationships: FamilialFather-son
Environment: PublicRoad | Time of DaySunset
Actions: MovementBus
Cultural Issues: Cultural IdentityAmerican
Themes and Motifs: ArtPower of
Aesthetics: Figures of SpeechSimile
Environment: PublicRoad | Time of DayMorning
Actions: MovementCar
Cultural Issues: LaborMenial | Modernity | Race
Themes and Motifs: Community | TimePast
Relationships: CommercialEmployer-employee
Environment: PublicRoad | Time of DayPre-dawn
Actions: EmotionalSadness | MovementBus
Cultural Issues: WarPatriotism
Relationships: FamilialFather-son
Environment: PublicRoad
Actions: MovementCar
Themes and Motifs: ObjectsCar
Environment: PublicRoad
Actions: MovementBus
Environment: PublicRoad
Actions: MentalChanneling | MovementWagon
Themes and Motifs: AppearanceRed necks | BodyHair | Death
Relationships: FamilialBrother-brother
Environment: Domestic SpaceCabin | PublicRoad
Actions: MentalRemembering
Cultural Issues: LawInheritance
Relationships: FamilialInterracial
Environment: PublicRoad
Themes and Motifs: ObjectsMatchstick | ObjectsPistol
Relationships: RomanticCourtship
Environment: AuditoryDog barking | PlaceField | PublicRoad
Actions: HuntingTracking | MovementWalking
Themes and Motifs: AnimalsDogs
Environment: PublicRoad | Time of DayNoon
Cultural Issues: ClothesShoes
Aesthetics: StylePresent tense
Environment: PublicRoad
Actions: VerbalTelling
Themes and Motifs: NamingWrong name
Environment: PublicRoad
Actions: MovementWalking
Cultural Issues: ProgressRoads
Themes and Motifs: Arrivals/DeparturesLeaving home
Environment: PublicRoad
Actions: Hunting | MovementWalking
Cultural Issues: ProgressInfrastructure
Themes and Motifs: AnimalsDogs | TimePast
Environment: PublicRoad
Actions: MoralSecret | MovementWalking
Cultural Issues: ReligionMason
Themes and Motifs: ObjectsSaddle
Relationships: FriendshipAdult friends