Themes and Motifs: Recurring Tropes Belatedness

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Environment: AuditoryWater
Actions: MovementCar | VerbalBegging
Cultural Issues: ClothesAnd age
Themes and Motifs: Recurring TropesBelatedness
Relationships: MaritalSocial respectability
Environment: AuditoryShots
Actions: EmotionalFear
Cultural Issues: CrimeMurder | ViolenceShooting
Themes and Motifs: AnimalsDogs | AnimalsHorses | Recurring TropesBelatedness
Cultural Issues: GenderMale rivalry
Themes and Motifs: Recurring TropesBelatedness
Environment: PlaceLivery stable
Actions: PhysicalJumping | WorkBlacksmith
Cultural Issues: LawFirearms
Themes and Motifs: ObjectsPistol | Recurring TropesBelatedness
Relationships: FamilialFather-son
Aesthetics: NarrativeRepetition