Aesthetics: Typography/Orthography Dash

Tagged Events

Environment: PlaceOffice
Cultural Issues: FoodCoffee
Themes and Motifs: MoralsFaith
Environment: Domestic SpaceHouse
Cultural Issues: ClothesDress | ClothesHat
Themes and Motifs: ObjectsBooks | ObjectsTruck | ObjectsWatch
Relationships: FamilialUncle-nephew
Actions: CommunicationLetter
Cultural Issues: CrimeBlackmail
Themes and Motifs: TextsLove letter
Environment: PublicJail
Cultural Issues: RaceBlack incarceration | RitualFuneral
Themes and Motifs: DeathChild | DeathFuneral
Actions: WorkJanitor
Cultural Issues: AlcoholBootlegging | Slavery
Themes and Motifs: NamingNickname
Environment: PlaceOffice | PublicCourthouse
Actions: MovementFlight | PhysicalRepair
Cultural Issues: ProgressRenovations
Themes and Motifs: AnimalsSparrow | TimeTown clock
Environment: Time of DayNight
Actions: MovementCar
Relationships: FamilialBrother-sister
Environment: PlaceHotel
Cultural Issues: GenderMale gaze | RaceRacial spheres
Themes and Motifs: MoneyLacking
Environment: PlaceHotel
Cultural Issues: ReligionBaptist | ReligionUncharitable
Themes and Motifs: MoneyBill | ValuesPropriety
Environment: PublicStreet
Actions: VerbalTaunt
Cultural Issues: GenderMasculinity | SexualityVicarious
Environment: PublicJail
Actions: EmotionalApathy | VerbalPraying
Cultural Issues: ReligionInstitutional