Actions: Emotional Despair

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Environment: OlfactoryFood | PublicCourt | PublicStore
Cultural Issues: LawTrial
Themes and Motifs: BodyIntestines | ValuesLoyalty
Relationships: FamilialFather-son
Environment: OlfactoryFood
Cultural Issues: ClothesShabby | LawAcquittal | LawTestimony
Themes and Motifs: Arrivals/Departures | BodyEyes | BodyHair | Naming | ValuesTruth/Lies
Relationships: Hierarchical | SocialAdversarial
Aesthetics: Figures of SpeechSimile
Actions: EmotionalDespair
Cultural Issues: Health and IllnessDeafness
Themes and Motifs: PsychologicalRepression
Relationships: FamilialGrandparent-grandchild
Environment: PublicAlley
Actions: EmotionalDespair
Cultural Issues: AlcoholWanting a drink
Themes and Motifs: AnimalsMules | CommunityCrowd | MemoryNot remember
Aesthetics: ToneOverwrought
Environment: AtmosphericDust
Cultural Issues: EconomyMarket day
Themes and Motifs: DeathSuicide | FutilityInability | HomeHomecoming
Relationships: InstitutionalPolice-arrestee
Actions: EmotionalDespair
Themes and Motifs: BodyFace
Relationships: Familial | InterracialWhite-black
Environment: AtmosphericDangerous
Cultural Issues: AlcoholMoonshine
Themes and Motifs: Absence/LossAloneness
Aesthetics: Figures of SpeechShadow
Environment: PublicStreet
Cultural Issues: SexualityDisgust with sex
Themes and Motifs: Death | ValuesEvil
Actions: EmotionalDespair
Cultural Issues: CrimeExtortion
Themes and Motifs: MoneyOwed
Environment: PlaceSaloon | PlaceSpeakeasy
Actions: EmotionalDespair
Cultural Issues: AlcoholWhiskey
Relationships: FamilialKinship
Actions: EmotionalDespair
Themes and Motifs: PastInnocence | PastOld days
Aesthetics: Allusion, BiblicalSatan
Environment: NaturalBody of water
Relationships: FamilialFather-son | SocialAdversarial
Environment: PublicCourt
Themes and Motifs: Absence/LossAbandonment