Themes and Motifs: Objects Pipe

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Environment: WeatherCold
Actions: BodilySmoking
Cultural Issues: RegionThe South
Themes and Motifs: ObjectsLetter | ObjectsPipe | PastPast in present
Aesthetics: Allusion, LiteraryBen-Hur
Cultural Issues: WarDeprivation
Themes and Motifs: ObjectsPipe
Aesthetics: DictionRural vernacular
Environment: AtmosphericDangerous
Actions: EmotionalFear | ViolentShooting
Cultural Issues: GenderMasculine woman
Themes and Motifs: ObjectsPipe
Environment: PlacePoorhouse
Actions: EconomicGifting
Cultural Issues: AgeOld age
Themes and Motifs: Inheritance | ObjectsPipe
Aesthetics: DictionRural vernacular
Environment: PlaceOffice
Actions: BodilySitting | BodilySmoking | VerbalTalking
Cultural Issues: ClothesDress | ClothesGlove | ClothesHandbag | ClothesShoes
Themes and Motifs: ObjectsChair | ObjectsKeys | ObjectsPipe
Environment: Time of DayNight
Cultural Issues: ViolenceLynching
Themes and Motifs: AnimalsHorses | ObjectsPipe
Relationships: FamilialUncle-nephew
Aesthetics: DictionRacist term
Environment: Domestic SpaceYard | PlaceChurch
Cultural Issues: ClothesShirt
Themes and Motifs: ObjectsPipe
Environment: AtmosphericDark
Actions: LegalWill
Cultural Issues: LawInheritance
Themes and Motifs: BodyHair | ObjectsPipe | Recurring TropesDoor | Recurring TropesSecret
Environment: Time of DayMorning
Themes and Motifs: DeathMoment of | ObjectsPipe
Relationships: FamilialFather-son