Environment: Domestic Space Bedroom

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Environment: Domestic SpaceBedroom
Cultural Issues: GenderChauvinism / Misogyny
Themes and Motifs: DeathDeathbed
Aesthetics: DictionRacist term
Actions: BodilySleeping
Cultural Issues: EducationPrimary school | GlobalPacific Ocean
Themes and Motifs: Arrivals/DeparturesReturn
Relationships: FamilialSibling
Actions: BodilySmoking
Cultural Issues: WarWorld War I
Themes and Motifs: AnimalsCrickets | AnimalsFrogs
Relationships: FamilialTwins | MaritalHusband-wife
Aesthetics: Figures of SpeechMetaphor
Environment: Domestic SpaceBedroom
Actions: EconomicGifting
Cultural Issues: FoodCandy
Relationships: RomanticSexual
Environment: Domestic SpaceBedroom
Actions: EconomicBootlegging
Cultural Issues: AlcoholMoonshine | LawSheriff
Themes and Motifs: MoralsHypocrisy
Environment: Domestic SpaceBedroom
Themes and Motifs: ValuesPropriety
Relationships: FamilialBrother-sister
Aesthetics: Genre ConventionsGothic
Environment: Domestic SpaceBedroom
Actions: BodilyCrying | MentalImagining
Cultural Issues: ClothesBridal
Themes and Motifs: DeathImagined | ObjectsCoffin
Actions: BodilyBreathing | BodilyWatching
Cultural Issues: SexualityVoyeurism
Aesthetics: DescriptionEyes
Environment: Domestic SpaceBedroom | PlaceHotel
Cultural Issues: WarWound
Themes and Motifs: ObjectsMirror
Relationships: MaritalVicarious wedding
Cultural Issues: AgeBaby
Themes and Motifs: NamingImportance of naming
Relationships: MaritalHusband-wife