Cultural Issues: Region

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Cultural Issues: HistoryGreat Migration | RaceSegregation | RegionNorth
Themes and Motifs: ValuesLove
Environment: AtmosphericChaos
Actions: EmotionalFear
Themes and Motifs: Chaos/OrderChaos | CommunityCrowd | ObjectsPistol
Relationships: InstitutionalMilitary
Environment: WeatherCold
Actions: BodilySmoking
Cultural Issues: RegionThe South
Themes and Motifs: ObjectsLetter | ObjectsPipe | PastPast in present
Aesthetics: Allusion, LiteraryBen-Hur
Actions: EmotionalHate
Cultural Issues: RegionThe South | Slavery
Themes and Motifs: Recurring TropesDoom
Environment: Domestic SpaceBarn
Cultural Issues: RegionHospitality
Themes and Motifs: Story-tellingRetelling
Cultural Issues: RegionHospitality | SlaveryQuarters
Themes and Motifs: PastOld days
Relationships: SocialNeighbor
Environment: OlfactoryFlowers | PlaceSawmill
Environment: Time of YearApril | Time of YearSpring
Actions: WorkQuitting job
Cultural Issues: RegionThe West
Themes and Motifs: DeathFuneral | Exile | ValuesDecorum
Aesthetics: NarrativeParentheses
Actions: PhysicalSleeping
Cultural Issues: RegionHospitality
Themes and Motifs: ObjectsGun