Actions: Bodily

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Environment: Time of DaySunset
Actions: BodilyHiccups | EmotionalSympathy
Cultural Issues: GenderAll-male space
Themes and Motifs: CommunitySocial life
Actions: BodilyEating
Cultural Issues: FoodBear meat
Actions: BodilyHiccups
Themes and Motifs: CharacterNoisiness
Environment: PublicRoad | Time of DayNight | Time of YearSummer
Cultural Issues: ViolenceShooting
Themes and Motifs: AnimalsHorses
Relationships: FamilialFather-son
Actions: BodilyHiding
Cultural Issues: CrimeTheft | WarMercenary
Actions: BodilyHiding
Cultural Issues: CrimeTheft | WarMercenary
Themes and Motifs: AnimalsHorses | ObjectsFire
Environment: Time of DayNight
Themes and Motifs: ValuesLoyalty
Relationships: FamilialFather-son | FamilialKinship
Environment: Time of DayDusk
Actions: BodilyEating | BodilyGoing to bed
Cultural Issues: AlcoholWhiskey
Relationships: InterracialMaster-servant
Environment: AtmosphericHeat | Time of DayNight
Cultural Issues: ClothesDress | RaceDivision
Themes and Motifs: BodyEyes
Actions: BodilySweating | MovementCar
Cultural Issues: Mass MediaMagazines | ViolenceDomestic
Themes and Motifs: BodyEyes | BodyFace | ObjectsPistol
Aesthetics: Figures of SpeechSimile
Actions: BodilyRecoiling
Cultural Issues: PrejudiceRacism
Themes and Motifs: PastPast in present
Aesthetics: SymbolismChristian
Actions: BodilyKissing | MoralLying
Themes and Motifs: CharacterTrust
Relationships: MaritalSecrecy
Environment: AuditoryWater
Actions: BodilyInsomnia
Actions: BodilySmoking
Cultural Issues: ClothesExpensive | LawExecution
Themes and Motifs: BodyHair
Actions: BodilyEating
Cultural Issues: AgeYouth
Environment: Time of DayPre-dawn
Cultural Issues: FoodBreakfast
Themes and Motifs: AnimalsDogs | AnimalsNamed dog Lion
Environment: Time of DaySunset
Actions: BodilyDrinking
Cultural Issues: AlcoholWhiskey
Environment: Time of DaySunset
Actions: BodilyEating supper
Themes and Motifs: ObjectsSuitcase
Environment: Time of DayNight
Cultural Issues: AlcoholDrunkenness
Themes and Motifs: Arrivals/DeparturesDeparture
Actions: BodilyDying
Themes and Motifs: Death
Actions: BodilyEating | PlayPoker
Themes and Motifs: AnimalsDogs
Actions: BodilyHungering
Themes and Motifs: Absence/LossAbandonment
Relationships: FamilialSurrogate
Actions: BodilyHiding
Cultural Issues: Ritual
Themes and Motifs: AnimalsRat | ObjectsDrum | ObjectsFire
Aesthetics: DictionNeologism
Actions: BodilyEating
Cultural Issues: ReligionAmulet
Themes and Motifs: AnimalsSnake | ObjectsDrum
Environment: AtmosphericDoom | NaturalWoods | Time of DaySunset
Actions: BodilyEating | BodilyHiding
Themes and Motifs: AnimalsBugs
Actions: BodilyDecomposition
Cultural Issues: Food
Themes and Motifs: DeathIndian burial practices
Environment: Time of DayDusk
Actions: BodilyHiding
Cultural Issues: Health and IllnessInjured
Themes and Motifs: DeathIndian burial practices
Relationships: HierarchicalMaster-slave
Actions: BodilyEating
Themes and Motifs: CommunityCrowd
Environment: AtmosphericDread
Actions: BodilyBreathing | BodilyDrinking
Themes and Motifs: Futility
Aesthetics: LanguageAh-Ah-Ah
Actions: BodilySleeping
Cultural Issues: EducationPrimary school | GlobalPacific Ocean
Themes and Motifs: Arrivals/DeparturesReturn
Relationships: FamilialSibling
Environment: Time of DayMorning
Actions: BodilyCrying
Cultural Issues: NationalityJapanese | WarPatriotism
Relationships: FamilialParents-children
Actions: BodilyCrying | VerbalCommand
Cultural Issues: LaborFarming
Themes and Motifs: ValuesLoyalty
Relationships: FamilialFather-son
Actions: BodilyEating
Cultural Issues: AgricultureFarming life | Mass MediaTelephone
Themes and Motifs: ObjectsCoffee
Aesthetics: DictionRacist term
Actions: BodilyDrinking
Cultural Issues: Alcohol | Class
Themes and Motifs: ObjectsDemijohn | ObjectsHammock | PastOld days
Relationships: HierarchicalLandlord-tenant
Environment: WeatherCold
Actions: BodilySmoking
Cultural Issues: RegionThe South
Themes and Motifs: ObjectsLetter | ObjectsPipe | PastPast in present
Aesthetics: Allusion, LiteraryBen-Hur
Environment: Time of DayMidnight
Actions: BodilyDrinking | BodilyEating
Cultural Issues: Alcohol
Themes and Motifs: AnimalsDogs | CommunityPosse
Environment: PlaceOffice
Actions: BodilyCrying | EconomicGifting
Cultural Issues: ClothesHat
Actions: BodilyCrying | EmotionalCalm
Cultural Issues: WarReturn from war
Themes and Motifs: DeathMurder
Relationships: FamilialFather-daughter
Environment: Time of YearSunday
Actions: BodilyChildbirth
Themes and Motifs: AnimalsHorses
Environment: AuditoryBells | Time of DayMorning
Actions: BodilyBreathing
Cultural Issues: ReligionSabbath
Themes and Motifs: AnimalsBirds | PastPast in present
Aesthetics: MetafictionalPainting
Environment: AtmosphericDark
Actions: BodilyPanting
Cultural Issues: Race
Themes and Motifs: BodyMental disability
Environment: PublicChurch
Themes and Motifs: AppearanceCosmetics
Aesthetics: Figures of SpeechRain
Actions: BodilyCrying
Cultural Issues: ClassRespectability | LawBail | Ritual
Themes and Motifs: CommunityWedding | ValuesConscience
Actions: BodilyCrying
Themes and Motifs: CharacterResolve | CommunityWedding
Relationships: MaritalArrangements
Environment: AtmosphericClaustrophobic
Actions: BodilyChildbirth | EmotionalHate
Cultural Issues: AgeChildhood | ClassRespectability | Gender
Themes and Motifs: DeathIn childbirth
Relationships: Familial
Actions: BodilyEating | EmotionalOutrage
Cultural Issues: WarDeprivation
Relationships: Familial
Actions: BodilyDrinking
Cultural Issues: AlcoholWhiskey | ClassStatus, low
Themes and Motifs: ObjectsDemijohn
Relationships: HierarchicalLandlord-tenant
Environment: Domestic SpacePorch
Themes and Motifs: ObjectsTobacco
Relationships: FamilialFather-son | SocialNeighbor
Actions: BodilyDrinking
Cultural Issues: AgeChildhood
Themes and Motifs: MemoryRemembering
Environment: AtmosphericMoonlit
Themes and Motifs: AnimalsCats | DeathCoffin
Environment: Time of DayMidnight | WeatherRain
Actions: BodilyWaking
Relationships: SocialNeighbor
Environment: PublicBridge
Actions: BodilyChildbirth
Cultural Issues: Health and IllnessDoctoring
Themes and Motifs: CommunityOpinion | MemoryRemembering
Actions: BodilySinging | MovementWagon
Themes and Motifs: DeathAfterlife | PhilosophicalFreedom
Relationships: Marital