The Sound and the Fury, 17 (Event)

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She was wet. We were playing in the
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Turn of the Century (1890-1913)
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Wednesday, June 1, 1898 to Sunday, July 31, 1898

This was added because the preceding event actually happens before this one.

Quentin and Caddy are playing in the Branch while Benjy is watching them. While playing Caddy gets her dress wet and is admonished by Versh. She tells him to take off her dress, much to the annoyance of Quentin who does not want her to do so. Once she's undressed, he slaps her she falls down in the water and starts splashing Quentin. Versh runs away. This entire time Jason has also been there, but outside of the action. Benjy sees that, "Caddy was all wet and muddy behind" and starts to cry because she threatened to run away. She comforts him and he observes that "Caddy smelled like trees in the rain."


Benjy remembers playing with his siblings at the creek, which he calls "the branch" (17). Though Benjy doesn't know it, this is the day that their grandmother, Damuddy, dies, and the earliest scene remembered by any of the brothers. It is also when Caddy slips after being slapped by Quentin, falls in the water, and muddies her "drawers" (18).

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Muddy drawers