Sanctuary, 232 (Event)

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They turned into the Grotto, passing along a closely
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The Twenties (1920-1929)
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Monday, June 17, 1929

Popeye and Temple arrive at the Grotto. Temple leaps out of the car and runs to the washroom to examine her face. Popeye is waiting for her by the door to the dance hall and forces her to go in. After dancing, they sit down and drink. She sees Red standing in the doorway. Temple begins to get drunk; Red comes over to talk to Temple and Popeye, and Temple feels intense physical desire for him. After another dance, she gambles with Popeye at the crap table. She asks a waiter to find her a room and waits for Red to come in; they kiss and Temple grinds against him. Temple tells Red that Popeye plans to kill him and has arranged for two stooges to be there to do the job. Red leads Temple out of the room. Temple goes back to dance but then is lifted out of the dance hall by Popeye's two stooges. She sees Red at the crap table as she is carried out of the Grotto and into the car. They drive off and Temple sees Popeye smoking outside.


Popeye and Temple enter the Grotto club, where she drinks and they dance together while four men sitting together watch ominously. Her attitude toward Popeye is a mix of desire and fear. After Red arrives, she sneaks away from Popeye at the craps table.

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