Cultural Issues: Race Segregation

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Cultural Issues: HistoryGreat Migration | RaceSegregation | RegionNorth
Themes and Motifs: ValuesLove
Environment: PlaceJail
Cultural Issues: RaceSegregation
Environment: PlaceHotel
Actions: EmotionalFury | EmotionalVengeful
Cultural Issues: CrimeTheft | RaceSegregation
Environment: PlaceBrothel / Bordello
Actions: MovementCar
Cultural Issues: RaceSegregation
Themes and Motifs: ObjectsHand grip
Aesthetics: LanguageHee hee hee
Environment: Domestic SpaceGate
Actions: EmotionalCrying | PlaySports Golf
Cultural Issues: RaceSegregation
Relationships: FamilialDissolution
Environment: Domestic SpaceCabin
Actions: PhysicalSleeping
Cultural Issues: RaceSegregation
Relationships: InterracialMaster-servant