Relationships: Economical

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Actions: MoralBlackmail
Cultural Issues: SexualityIllegitimacy
Themes and Motifs: ExileDriven away | MoneyStolen
Relationships: EconomicalTrustee-ward
Cultural Issues: CrimeTheft
Relationships: EconomicalTrustee-ward
Aesthetics: NarrativeIrony
Environment: Time of YearJanuary
Actions: EconomicPaying | MovementCar | MovementFlight
Cultural Issues: EntertainmentBarnstorming
Themes and Motifs: MoneyAs motive
Relationships: EconomicalPartnership
Actions: EconomicPurchase
Cultural Issues: EconomyProperty
Themes and Motifs: MoneyGold | TextsDeed
Relationships: Economical | InterracialIndian-white