The Hamlet, 323 (Event)

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At five oclock that afternoon the Texan crumpled
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Turn of the Century (1890-1913)
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Monday, April 3, 1899 to Sunday, April 30, 1899

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In the late afternoon, the auction is nearly concluded with only two horses remaining, the others sold for prices ranging from three dollars and a half to twelve dollars. By this hour, Buck has finished his gingersnaps and sent Wallstreet for another box, and Flem has joined the crowd at the fence. Armstid begins to question why he needs to wait for the auction to finish before taking possession of his horse. He asks for help in securing his property and, with no one volunteering, he forces his wife to aid him against the muted warnings of Buck. Rope in hand, Armstid and his wife enter the lot, but are unable to secure their horse. Armstid beats his wife with the rope, and the Texan intervenes, giving the woman her five dollars back and telling her to get her husband home. Flem immediately reacts, asking why Buck would return the five dollars. Armstid insists that the wife return the money to Buck, and an argument ensues, concluding with Flem taking the five dollar note. Wallstreet returns with the gingersnaps, and Buck tells Mrs. Armstid that she can get her money from Flem tomorrow. Flem then brings the auction to a close, trading his buggy and mules for the three remaining horses. The Texan takes possession of his buggy and tells Freeman he's going to visit the northern towns. Flem gets on the buggy, and the two men ride off in the direction of Varner's.

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Actions: Auction, Abuse; Themes: Violence, Crowd Behavior, Flem's Schemes; Relations: Husband and Wife; Animals: Ponies, Horses
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