Themes and Motifs: Memory

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Environment: PlaceJail
Cultural Issues: AgeYouth
Themes and Motifs: MemoryRemembering | TextsCase file
Relationships: FamilialGrandparent-grandchild
Cultural Issues: LawLegal authority
Themes and Motifs: MemoryRemembering
Actions: EmotionalLove | MentalFlashback
Themes and Motifs: MemoryForgetting
Environment: Time of DayNoon
Cultural Issues: SlaveryFreedom
Themes and Motifs: MemoryRemembering | PsychologicalPeace
Aesthetics: DictionRacist term
Cultural Issues: AgeChildhood
Themes and Motifs: Memory | Recurring TropesRevenge
Relationships: FamilialMother-son
Aesthetics: Figures of SpeechDisease
Actions: BodilyDrinking
Cultural Issues: AgeChildhood
Themes and Motifs: MemoryRemembering
Environment: OlfactoryDecay | PlaceBarn
Actions: MovementWagon
Themes and Motifs: AnimalsBuzzards | MemoryForgetting
Relationships: MaritalConflict
Actions: EmotionalExhaustion
Cultural Issues: ClothesNightgown | GenderLabor
Themes and Motifs: MemoryRemembering
Relationships: FamilialMother-son
Environment: PublicBridge | WeatherFlood
Cultural Issues: AgeOld age
Themes and Motifs: CommunityOpinion | MemoryCollective memory
Environment: PublicBridge
Actions: BodilyChildbirth
Cultural Issues: Health and IllnessDoctoring
Themes and Motifs: CommunityOpinion | MemoryRemembering
Actions: ViolentIntent to kill
Cultural Issues: GenderMasculinity
Themes and Motifs: MemoryRemembering | ObjectsRazor
Environment: Domestic SpaceKitchen
Actions: VerbalExplaining
Cultural Issues: GenderWomen
Themes and Motifs: MemoryRemembering
Relationships: FamilialMother-son
Aesthetics: NarrativeParentheses
Environment: Domestic SpacePasture
Environment: NaturalBody of water
Relationships: FamilialFather-son | SocialAdversarial
Relationships: InterracialWhite-black | SocialPaternalism
Environment: Time of YearApril | Time of YearSpring