Unnamed Young Women in New York

During the First World War, Ruby worked in New York City, where according to her description in Sanctuary "even the little ratty girls [were] wearing silk," presumably as presents from all the "soldiers with money to spend" (278).

Unnamed Negro Woman in Window

In Sanctuary, as Popeye and Temple drive along the street with Miss Reba's on it, they see on the "second storey gallery" of one of the "dingy" houses "a young negress in her underclothes" (142). Her undress and the location of the building suggest she is a prostitute, but that is not made definite.

Unnamed Woman in Red Dress

Among the people attending Red's funeral in Sanctuary, this "woman in a red dress" deserves to be singled out. She plays a role that recurs in Faulkner's fiction: the agent of chaos. Just as the crowd "grows quiet" listening to the orchestra play a hymn, she enters "unsteadily"; her first word is "Whoopee" (245). Later, her demand that Joe "get that damn stiff out of here and open the [crap] game," accompanied by "a burst of filthy language" (248), sets off the violence that brings the funeral literally crashing to an end.

Unnamed Woman in Grotto Club

While Temple is in the "washroom" of the Grotto club in Sanctuary, she and another woman "examine one another's clothes with brief, covert, cold, embracing glances" (233).

Unnamed Woman in Alley

In Sanctuary Ruby tells Temple that she once gave away a fur coat "to a woman in an alley" (62). Ruby lived in many different places, so there's no way to tell what city the alley might be in - and the text provides no other information about the woman at all.

Unnamed White People outside Jail

After describing the convincted "negro murderer" who sings spirituals from inside the jail and the "few negroes" who "gather along the fence" to sing with him (114), Sanctuary goes on to note the "white people" who "slow and stop" to listen (115).

Unnamed Vaudeville Singers

In Sanctuary the "male quartet" hired for Red's funeral from "a vaudeville house" brings "the older women" to tears "singing mother songs" and "Sonny Boy" "in close harmony" (247).

Unnamed University Men

Sanctuary provides a generic description of the male "students in the University" who date Temple on the weekends. They are characterized almost entirely in terms of their clothes - "hatless" even when outside, wearing "knickers and bright pull-overs," or at dances the formally clad "black collegiate arms" and pairs of "black sleeves" (29).

Unnamed University Dean

The administrator who puts Temple on academic probation "for slipping out at night," i.e. for dating on weeknights, is referred to simply as "the Dean" (57) - perhaps the Dean of Women Students.

Unnamed American Soldier

This man appears in Sanctuary in the story Ruby tells at two different times, to Temple and and then later to Horace, about how when Lee was stationed in the Philippines he "killed another soldier" in a brawl over a local woman (59).


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