Eck Snopes' "Father"

In Town, Ratliff and Gavin invent him - and his affair with Eck's mother - to "explain" how Eck can be such a good person.


In Town, 6.

Mink Snopes' Brother

Mink Snopes tells the prison warden that Montgomery Ward Snopes is "my brother's grandson" (99). This is the only reference to such a figure in the fictions, and chronologically the possibility that a brother of Mink would have a grandchild Montgomery Ward's age is unlikely. Ratliff asks Montgomery Ward if Mink is his "cousin or uncle" (71); Montgomery refuses to answer, but in his own narrative chapter he refers to Mink as "Uncle Mink" (103).

Mink Snopes' Brother

Mentioned by Mink in Mansion, 99, as Montgomery Ward's grandfather as well as his own brother, but neither relationship is likely. Montgomery Ward himself says Mink is his "cousin or uncle" (71).

Clarence Snopes' Grandmother

Varner's distant cousin by marriage in "BP" (130).


His wagon brings ladder in "Shingles" (38) and he's there with rest to watch church burn (41).

Eustace Grimm


Eustace Grimm Sr.

Mentioned in Hamlet

Ab Snopes' Sister

Eustace Grimm's mother, so married a Grimm in Hamlet.

Eck Snopes' Second Wife

Hamlet, 220


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