Unnamed Patients of Doctor Peabody

As part of the description of Doctor Peabody, the narrative mentions his willingness to travel any distance "to visit anyone, white or black, who sent for him" (95). Later in the description his patients are particularized as the "countryman" - that is, someone from outside the town of Jefferson - who visits Peabody in his office to pay the doctor's bill "incurred by his father or grandfather" (95).


About the Genealogies

Thomas Pettigrew's Mother

City and Requiem

Thomas Jefferson

Name for City and Requiem

Unnamed Salesmen

Walking through the Square, Mink sees the "drummers sitting in leather chairs along the sidewalk" in front of the Holston House (37). A 'drummer' was a traveling salesmen.

Sebastian Gualdres

"Knight's Gambit," and mentioned (as Argentine Cavalry Officer) in Mansion.

John McLendon

John McLendon in "Dry September," Jackson McLendon in The Town, Mack Lendon in The Mansion.

Turpin 2

Mansion, among Frenchman's Bend young men who courts Eula.


The name "Turpin" comes up in two different chronological contexts. Both are associated with Frenchman's Bend, but this is the earlier of the two. He is listed among the five local young men who are courting Eula Varner in the early 20th century (133).

Arkansas in The Mansion (Location)

Lonoke - a real town in Arkansas between Little Rock and Memphis - is where Q'Milla Strutterbuck lives.


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