"Uncle Willy", 226 (Event)


"Uncle Willy", 226 (Event)


Ab Snopes' House in Grenier County in The Town (Location)

Described as "whatever worn-out tenant farm his father had moved from" in this novel (275), The Hamlet says that this house owned by Ab Snopes is in Grenier County.

Sartoris Plantation in The Town (Location)

Chick Mallison refers to the plantation simply as "Sartoris" where he goes to shoot quail (254). The property appears in much of Faulkner's fiction; John Sartoris built and then rebuilt it after it was burnt by Yankee soldiers during the Civil War.

Ravine Ditch behind Spilmer's in The Town (Location)

The text does not say who Mr. Spilmer is, but the "ravine ditch behind Mr. Spilmer's house" is presumably close enough to Mrs. Hait's property (264) for her to walk there with the mule.

Street in "Mule in the Yard" in The Town (Location)

Directly across the street that runs in front of Mrs. Hait's house is the neighbor's house, which has a gallery and rocking chairs where Mrs. Hait and Het sit watching her house burn down.

Hait's Cow Shed in The Town (Location)

This "wooden shed in the corner of the back yard" is connected by wooden planks to Mrs. Hait's house. Mrs. ait moves into the shed and shares it with her cow after her house burned down.

Memphis Livestock Market in The Town (Location)

I.O. Snopes buys his mules here and transports them via railroad to Jefferson.

Blind Curve on Jefferson-Memphis Railroad in The Town (Location)

The site of multiple railway accidents due to a blind curve, this is "a sharp curve below town" on the north-south bound railroad line (242) and is also the location where Mr. Hait died.

Hait's House in The Town (Location)

Mrs. Hait's house is located on the edge of town near the railroad tracks. It is a "little wooden house painted the same color that the railroad company used on its stations and boxcars" (243). There are wooden steps leading from the the back door to the wooden shed in the corner of the back yard, next to which is the wooden lid of the cellar door (244).


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