Vardaman Snopes

Son of I. O. Snopes.

Bilbo Snopes

Son of I. O. Snopes.

Unnamed First Wife of I. O. Snopes

Mother of Montgomery Ward. She appears suddenly in Frenchman's Bend after I. O. has married his second wife and fathered three children with her. She becomes the proprietor of the low-class "Snopes Hotel" in Jefferson.

Unnamed Second Wife of I. O. Snopes

I.O. Snopes' second wife "Wasn't a big girl neither -- Miz Vernon Tull's sister's niece by marriage she was" (37) is the mother of Clarence, Vardaman, and Bilbo.

Zack Houston

Zack Houston is the husband and widower of Letty Bookright. A proud, prosperous, and hot-tempered farmer, he loses his wife in an accident involving his prized stallion.


He is temporarily replaced as blacksmith by Eck and I.O. Snopes, but he is restored to the position when his successors prove their incompetence.

I. O. Snopes

Gavin Stevens describes him: "I.O., the blacksmith-cum-schoolmaster-cum-bigamist, or -times bigamist, multiplied by bigamy- a thin undersized voluble weasel-faced man talking constantly in a steady stream of worn saws and proverbs usually having no connection with one another nor application to anything else, who even with the hammer would not have weighed as much as the anvil he abrogated and dispossessed" (37). He is the father of Montgomery Ward by his first wife and Vardaman, Bilbo, and Clarence by his second wife.

Unnamed narrator's father

Though the narrator is unnamed in this story, he is apparently Charles "Chick" Mallison, Jr., so the dead father he briefly mentions (132) would be Charles Mallison, Sr.

Unnamed Pritchel Children

Wesley Pritchel's four unnamed deceased children presumably include Ellie Flint (nee Pritchel).

Unnamed Frenchman's Bend Masons

A secret, fraternal order originating in medieval ritual, the Masons advocate charity and obedience. Eck was an active member among the Frenchman's Bend Masons, and Will Varner encouraged the Masons in Jefferson to find an appropriate job for Eck after his neck was broken. They also observed their ritual at his funeral.


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