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304 Mrs. Eustace Grimm

According to Ratliff, Grimm's new wife ("of a year," 387) is a "Calhoun County Doshey" (399).

303 Eustace Grimm's Child

Barely mentioned in Hamlet, p387, as 2 months old.

302 Old Maid Snopes

The "old maid daughter" of the Snopes in The Town with the watermelon patch (136).

301 Snopes(4)

The "last Snopes" who moves from Frenchman's Bend to a place one mile away from Jefferson. "Some folks say Flem's father, some say just his uncle" (136). I.O. Snopes' kids (Vardaman and Bilbo) call him "Grampaw" (138), so we'll call him Flem's uncle, one of Ab's brothers, and I.O.'s father.

300 Dewitt Binford

Married to "another of the Snopes girls" in The Town, 383.

299 Dink Quistenberry

Married to "one of [Flem's] sisters or nieces or something" in The Town (378).

298 Eck Snopes' "Father"

In Town, Ratliff and Gavin invent him - and his affair with Eck's mother - to "explain" how Eck can be such a good person.

297 Snopes(3)

In Town, 6.

296 Mink Snopes' Brother

Mentioned by Mink in Mansion, 99, as Montgomery Ward's grandfather as well as his own brother, but neither relationship is likely. Montgomery Ward himself says Mink is his "cousin or uncle" (71).

295 Clarence Snopes' Grandmother

Varner's distant cousin by marriage in "BP" (130). Probably, by implication, I.O.'s mother...

294 Snopes(2)

His wagon brings ladder in "Shingles" (38) and he's there with rest to watch church burn (41).

293 Eustace Grimm

There's a Eustace Grimm who is mentioned in As I Lay Dying, p192, as "E G that works on Snopes' place," but no indication here that he himself is a Snopes. That happens in LJC and H.

292 Eustace Grimm Sr.

Mentioned in Hamlet

291 Ab Snopes' Sister

Eustace Grimm's mother, so married a Grimm in Hamlet.

290 Eck Snopes' Second Wife

Hamlet, 220

289 Eck Snopes' First Wife

Hamlet, 295

288 Lump Snopes' Grandfather

Hamlet, 218

287 Lump Snopes' Mother

Hamlet, 218.

286 Lump Snopes' Father

In Hamlet, 218.

285 Lump Snopes' Grandmother

Hamlet, 218.

284 Snopes(1)

Anse trades with him to get mules.

283 Unnamed Invalid Snopes

In Flags, don't think anywhere else. No details about his connection to others, put him in same generation as Byron, Montgomery Ward, etc.

282 Barton Kohl

Linda's husband.

281 Watkins Products Snopes

In The Town, a "new" Snopes.

280 Three Unspecified Snopeses

Gavin sees them at Flem's funeral.

279 Mink Snopes' Step-Mother

In Mansion only.

278 Orestes Snopes

AKA Res, a "new Snopes" in The Mansion.

277 Eck Snopes' Mother

Only ever mentioned by Montgomery Ward Snopes, p97 of Mansion, in context of his suspicion that Eck was illegitimate.

276 Lucas Beauchamp's Grandchildren

Only mentioned, and in an ambiguous phrase that may mean these are Lucas' great-grandchildren.

275 Thucydides McCaslin

McCaslin slave, married to Eunice, bought own freedom, identified with last name McCaslin in GDM, p253.

274 Ike McCaslin's Children

Only mentioned in "Delta Autumn" (story version).

273 Slave of Carothers McCaslin's

Grandmother of Ned McCaslin (in Reivers).

272 Father of Samuel Worsham Beauchamp

Samuel Worsham Beauchamp's "bad" father -- don't know why he wouldn't have last name and then SWBeauchamp would have that last name instead of his mother's maiden name, unless illegitimate...

271 James Beauchamp's Daughter

Aunt of Roth's mistress.

270 Gavin Stevens' Grandfather

Mentioned in LIA, 444.

269 Miss Harriss


268 Max Harriss


267 Harriss

In KG, first husband of Gavin's wife, Melisandre etc.

266 Chick's Great-Grandfather


265 Great Aunt of Charles Mallison

Only mentioned in passing in "Knight's Gambit"

264 Maury Bascomb

Only appears in S&F (?).

263 Quentin Compson's Aunt

Only referred to once, in Absalom, to illustrate the female character, according to Mr. Compson that is (p156).

262 Clytemnestra's Mother

The enslaved woman (one of the two Sutpen brings into Yoknapatawpha) with whom Sutpen conceives Clytemnestra.

261 Old Bayard's Aunt

Only mentioned in Flags in the Dust, p22 - at Sartoris before Jenny arrived, so basically Rosa Millard, but Aunt and Sartoris, not grandmother and in-law.

260 Granddaughter of Mohataha

In Requiem, she marries Habersham's son. (In "Name for City" he marries Issetibbeha's granddaughter.)

259 Doctor Habersham's Son

marries Issetibbeha's granddaughter

258 Thomas Sutpen's Sister 3

The Sutpens' family cabin in the mountains of Virginia is described as "boiling with children" (179), and the novel never makes it more clear how many siblings Thomas has. At least two sisters are alive and living with him and his father in Virginia when, at 14, he runs away from home (192). But there must have been one or two more: at least, Quentin tells Shreve that, because of the "dampness" and heat in the Tidewater, "sisters and brothers" get sick "after supper and die before the next meal" (184).

256 Thomas Sutpen's Brother 3

It's not clear how many siblings Thomas Sutpen has. "The two older boys" - Sutpen's older brothers - have left the family before it moves to the Virginia plantation (181), but they are not his only male siblings: Quentin tells Shreve that, because of the "dampness" and heat in the Tidewater, "sisters and brothers" get sick "after supper and die before the next meal" (184). Even allowing for hyperbole, this implies that there must have been at least one or two brothers besides the two older ones.

257 Thomas Sutpen's Sister 2


254 Had-Two-Fathers' Step-Father

In the 1940 version of "The Old People," the slave whom Ikkemotubbe forces to marry his pregnant concubine.

255 Ikkemotubbe's Son

Perhaps a purely imaginary character, created by the ambiguity in the magazine version of "Old People," but if he exists he'd be the original "Had-Two-Fathers," and Sam's own father. (Not there in novel version of the story.)

253 Boon's Chickasaw Grandmother

In "Lion" she is identified as a "Chickasaw woman, niece of the chief who" once owned the land (184).

252 Boon Hogganbeck

Hoggenbeck in "The Bear," magazine version. In "Lion" Boon's grandmother is "niece of the chief who once owned the land" de Spain owns (184), and so a member of the Ikkemotubbe family.

251 Doom's Mother

In "Red Leaves," page 317.

250 Doom's Cousin

Son of The Man in "Red Leaves," who like his father dies suddenly upon Doom's return from N.O.

249 Doom's Uncle

"The Man" in "Red Leaves" and "A Justice."

248 Admiral Dewey Snopes

x -- presumably Ad Snopes, Eck's son in Spotted Horses

247 Mrs. Wallstreet Panic Snopes


246 Wallstreet Panic Snopes


245 Eckrum Snopes


244 Launcelot Snopes

Lump - The Hamlet, and I made the clerk in Varner's in "The Hound" key Launcelot too.

243 Virgil Snopes


242 Youngest Child of Byron Snopes


241 Son of Byron Snopes 2


240 Son of Byron Snopes 1


239 Byron Snopes' Daughter


238 Unnamed Jicarilla Apache Squaw

Mother of Byron Snopes' 4 children in The Town. No indication that she and Byron married.

237 Doris Snopes


236 Vardaman Snopes


235 Bilbo Snopes

Twin of Vardaman

234 Clarence Snopes


233 Montgomery Ward Snopes


232 Saint Elmo Snopes


231 Mrs. I.O. Snopes 2

Frenchman's Bend girl in Hamlet, mother of Clarence, Bilbo&Vardaman (twins), Doris

230 Mrs. I.O. Snopes 1

gray-colored woman in Hamlet, 292 -- mother of St. Elmo and Montgomery Ward

229 I.O. Snopes

In Flags, just 1 wife; in Town, has two: (1) children are St. Elmo and Montgomery Ward; (2) Clarence, Bilbo, Vardaman, Doris

228 Wesley Snopes


227 Byron Snopes


226 Melisandre Backus Stevens

Marries Gavin. Her first husband is Harriss.

225 Temple and Gowan's Daughter


224 Bucky Stevens

Temple and Gowan's son

223 Temple Drake Stevens


222 First Yoknapatawpha Stevens

Mentioned in "Hand upon the Waters" as one of three first white men in Yok. Some scholars assume he is same guy as Lemuel/Judge/Captain Stevens, b1805 in Town, but in Light in August (444) narrator refers to "ancestors" of Gavin identifies. He's at least father of Gavin's Grandfather (LIA, 444).

221 Herbert Head

Only in Sound & Fury.

220 Maggie Dandridge Stevens

Also Chick's grandmother in KG. Also the Mrs. Lemuel Stevens mentioned in The Town.

219 Charles Mallison II


218 Charles Mallison I


217 Maggie Stevens Mallison


216 Gavin Stevens


215 Gowan Stevens' Father

In The Town.

214 Gowan Stevens' Grandfather

In RQ, Brother of Gavin Stevens' grandfather? or same person?

213 Gowan Stevens


212 Gowan Stevens' Mother

Sanctuary, RQ

211 Lemuel Stevens

Judge Stevens in Rose for Emily, also Captain Stevens; id'ing his as son of First Yok Stevens based on what Gavin says in Light in August about his grandfather - i.e. father's father

210 Mother of Lucius Priest I

In Carolina during Civil War, died in 1864.

209 Father of Lucius Priest I

mentioned in Reivers, great-great-grandfather Priest

208 Delphine McCaslin

Married to Ned in Reivers.

207 Molly Worsham Beauchamp's Mother

nurses both Molly(ie) and Miss Worsham

206 Carothers McCaslin's Father

in Carolina

205 Samuel Beauchamp's Mother