Environment: Place Office

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Environment: PlaceOffice
Cultural Issues: LawEvidence | LawLegal issue | LawSpousal privilege | LawWitness | RaceMasquerade
Themes and Motifs: ObjectsStill
Aesthetics: Figures of SpeechSimile
Environment: PlaceOffice
Actions: LegalConfession
Cultural Issues: LawJustice of the Peace
Themes and Motifs: Recurring TropesTrying to say
Aesthetics: NarrativeSelf-Reflective
Environment: AuditoryConfused din | PlaceOffice
Cultural Issues: Mass MediaTelephone | WarDeployment
Themes and Motifs: Objectsknife | ValuesLoyalty
Relationships: FamilialSibling
Environment: PlaceOffice
Actions: BodilyCrying | EconomicGifting
Cultural Issues: ClothesHat
Environment: PlaceOffice
Actions: LegalBonding | VerbalInsulting
Cultural Issues: LawInformal arrangement | RaceHierarchical | RaceLaw
Themes and Motifs: CharacterWork ethic
Environment: PlaceOffice | Time of YearMay
Cultural Issues: EntertainmentBaseball
Relationships: FamilialFather-son