Dixie Cafe in The Town (Location)

The Dixie Cafe is an alternative place to Christian's Drug Store to buy ice cream on the square.

Jefferson Police Station in The Town (Location)

Located on or near the square of Jefferson, the police station has a vantage point on the happenings of the town.

Jefferson Cotton Gin in The Town (Location)

Located above the Blue Goose Cafe, the town cotton gin is where the local farmers take their harvested cotton in the fall and which mechanically separates the cotton from the seeds.

Blue Goose Cafe in The Town (Location)

The Blue Goose Cafe is "a Negro cafe below the cotton gin" (167).

Wallstreet Snopes's Grocery Store in The Town (Location)

The canvas tent behind Ratliff's Cafe that Flem Snopes lives in with his wife and baby when he arrives in town (4) eventually becomes a "grocery store about the same class as the Snopes cafe" (135). Eventually, Wallstreet Panic Snopes, who was the "afterschool-and-Saturday clerk and errand boy," buys into the "little back-street grocery store" with the money from his father's death, and becomes the owner when "the old owner died" (152).

St. Louis in The Town (Location)

Where the wholesale house is located that sells to Wallstreet Snopes.

Bristol, Virginia in The Town (Location)

Miss Vaiden Wyott accepts a teaching position here and leaves Jefferson after rejecting Wallstreet Panic Snopes' marriage proposal and introducing him to the woman he would marry.

Tallahatchie Crossing|Iron Bridge|Wyott's Crossing in The Town (Location)

This is the home of Ms. Vaiden Wyott whose family came from the country, "where they had owned the nearest ford, crossing, ferry before Jefferson even became Jefferson" (154).

Bank of Jefferson in The Town (Location)

The rival of Satoris Bank of which Flem Snopes is Vice President and a member of the Board of Directors, Flem moves his account this Bank (149), which he uses as leverage to discourage the Bank of Jefferson to loan Wallstreet Snopes money when he is turned down by the Sartoris Bank (156).

Old Man Snopes House in The Town in The Town (Location)

Bought for "old man Snopes" whom some believe is Flem's father and others his uncle, "a little house about a mile from town where he lived with an old maid daughter and the twin sons named Vardaman and Bilbo that belonged to I.O. Snopes's other wife" (136). The "house had a little piece of ground with it, that old man Snopes made into a truck garden and water-melon patch" (137).


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