Jefferson Grocery Store in "Appendix, Compson" (Location)

Jason's "friend from Memphis" buys food every weekend "from the grocer's" (340).

Jefferson Movie Theater|Airdome in "Appendix, Compson" (Location)

"The local picture show" is shown at the town's one movie theater, which in other texts is located on the Square (340).

Jefferson Farmers' Supply Store in "Appendix, Compson" (Location)

The "farmers' supply store" where Jason works is described as a "gloomy cavern which only men ever entered - a cavern cluttered and walled and stalagmitehung with plows and discs and loops of tracechain and singletrees and mulecollars and sidemeat and cheap shoes and horselinament and flour and molasses" (333).

Jefferson Library in "Appendix, Compson" (Location)

The county library is in Jefferson. The "Appendix" mentions several of the books on its shelves by name or at least by type: "Forever Amber" and "Jurgen and Tom Jones," and various "volumes of Thorne Smith" (333). With the exception of Fielding's Tom Jones, the 18th century English novel, these works are by 20th century American novelists who could be considered competitors of Faulkner's for the attention of the reading public; all of them were notorious for their representation of sex.

Jefferson General Compson's|Mr. Compson's Office in "Appendix, Compson" (Location)

The son of General Compson, Jason III, keeps but no longer uses "an office upstairs above the Square" in Jefferson; "dusty filing-cases" in the office "entomb" many of "the oldest names in the county" (330). We assume the office is the same one his father had.

Country Club|Golf Club in "Appendix, Compson" (Location)

The Jefferson "golf club" originally builds a course on the land it buys from the Compsons (330), but during the 1930s it relocates the "golfcourse" to another part of the county (331). We have to speculate about its new location.

Servants' Cabin at Compson Place in "Appendix, Compson" (Location)

The "one servant's cabin" where "Dilsey's family lives" is one of the last remaining pieces of Compson property in the late 1920s (330).


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