Jack Houston's Land in The Town (Location)

Referred to in The Hamlet as Jack Houston's farm, in The Town, Zack Houston's farm is owned outright. His wife is killed by the stallion in the stall on his farm (82-83).

Penitentiary in The Town (Location)

The "penitentiary at Parchman" (82) to which Mink Snopes is sent for killing Zack Houston is the Mississippi state penitentiary better known as Parchman Farm. It is a maximum-security prison that has been in operation since 1901.

County Jail in The Town (Location)

The county jail where Mink Snopes spent two and a half months before being sent to penitentiary in Parchman for killing Zack Houston (82).

Jefferson Opera House in The Town (Location)

"Opera House" was the way playhouses were often referred to in towns where the religious community frowned on play-acting. "Opera" sounded culturally more respectable than plays, though actual operas were seldom staged in them. By the late 1920s the advent of movies had closed or taken over a lot of small town playhouses. In The Town, it is where the Cotillion Ball is held (75).

Rouncewell Flower Shop in The Town (Location)

The flower shop, owned by Mrs. Rouncewell because "she loved funerals" (73), is where all the men in town order flowers for their dates and ladies of the Cotillion Club for the Cotillion Ball.

Holston House in The Town (Location)

Also referred to the as "Holston Hotel" (88) and in The Reivers as the oldest and finest hotel in Jefferson, it is where the drummers are housed when in Jefferson (65).

Jefferson Movie Theater in The Town (Location)

Referred to as the "picture show," the show has two runnings each evening (162).

Jefferson Drugstore in The Town (Location)

Owned by "Uncle Willy Christian," the Jefferson drugstore is located on the square (162). Inside the store is a "prescription case where Uncle Willy kept the medicines" (162). He kept the "morphine ina a little flimsy wooden drawer that anybody with a screwdriver or a knife blade or maybe just a hair pin could prize open, even though it did have a key to it that Uncle Willy kept hidden under a gallon jug marked on a dark shelf that nobody but him was even supposed to bother because it was so dark back there" (163-64).

Hurricane Creek in The Town (Location)

The "creek" that flows behind the Sartoris place and toward the Tallahatchie River appears in several other texts, but is given a name in the story "My Grandmother Millard and General Bedford Forrest and the Battle of Harrykin Creek.": "Hurricane Creek" is its official designation, but as Bayard says, except for Rosa "not even the white people" use that name (697). To the local population, and in the report of the "battle" that General Forrest invents, it is "Harrykin Creek" (697).

Big Ditch behind Snopes's House in The Town (Location)

Located behind Flem Snopes's house, it is where Gowan hides watching to see if his Uncle Gavin is spying on Mrs. Snopes.


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