Jefferson Tailor Shop

Snopes Children's Play House in Frenchman's Bend in The Town (Location)

Byron Snopes' children have built "a play house or cave or something in another ditch about a half mile up the road" (387) from Varner's store in Frenchman's Bend where they tie Clarence Snopes "to a blackjack sapling with something less than a cord of wood stacked around him jest beginning to burn good" (388).

Tulls' Farm in The Town (Location)

Tull's farm is one of the Yoknapatawpha locations that Faulkner moves around to suit the demands of his various fictions; however, it is always near Frenchman's Bend. In this novel it is near Dewitt Binford's home.

Dewitt Binford's home in The Town (Location)

The children of Byron Snopes are sent to the home of Dee-Wit Bindford and his wife in Frenchman's Bend by Flem Snopes. The children have a room and a bed, but prefer to drag a "quilt off onto the floor" and lie on it: "the bedstead itself dismantled and leaned against the wall in a corner out of the way" (184).

Dewitt Binford's home

Snope Children's Camp in The Town (Location)

Byron Snopes children "got a camp or reservation or whatever you might call it in a cave they dug in the big ditch behind the school house" (382) where they live in Jefferson.

Snopes Children's Camp

Widrington Home in The Town (Location)

Located in town, the home of the Widrington's is among the new developments in town, resulting from getting paved streets in Jefferson. The Widringtons have a Cadillac and a dog "that they said cost five hundred dollars" (380). When not riding in the Cadillac, the dog is seen "sneering out through the window in the house where it--they--lived" (381).

Colleges in Virginia


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