Hunting Stand 1 in "Bear Hunt"

Unnamed Fourth Wife to Tom Tom

After her husband, Tom Tom, spoils her amorous appointment with Tomey's Turl, she joins the rivals in transporting the stolen brass to a safe place.

Tom Tom Bird

Tom Tom is "a big bull of a man weighing two hundred pounds and sixty years old but looking about forty and married about two years ago to his fourth wife: a young woman whom he kept with the strict jealous seclusion of a Turk in a cabin about two miles down the railroad track from the plant" (16). He resents Turl Beauchamp's attentions to his young wife and Flem Snopes' attempt to blame him for the missing brass at the plant.

Tomey's Turl Beauchamp

Young, confident, and amorous, Tomey's Turl puts his life at risk by pursuing Tom Tom Bird's young wife. Turl says, "'Tom Tom a big buck man…Make three of me. But I toted him. I had to. And whenever I would fling my eye back and see the moon shining on that butcher knife I could a picked up two more like him without even slowing down'" (28).

Unnamed De Spain Cook

This cook, along with De Spain's houseman, lives and works in De Spain's "late father's big wooden house" (14).

Unnamed De Spain Houseman

This all-purpose butler performs general duties in De Spain's house, along with the cook, living in De Spain's "late father's big wooden house" (14).

Ike McCaslin

A major figure in other Faulkner fictions, especially Go Down, Moses, Ike McCaslin is known as the owner of the Jefferson hardware store and as a member of a prominent Yoknapatawpha family.

Unnamed Younger Jefferson Voters

Younger Jefferson voters give Manfred De Spain a landslide victory in his campaign for mayor: "they had displaced the old dug-in aldermen and themselves rode into office as the city fathers on Manfred de Spain's coat-tails or anyway axe" (14).

Unnamed Sartoris Driver

Colonel Sartoris' coachman drives "into the square at the moment when Colonel Sartoris the banker's surrey and blooded matched team were crossing it on the way home" (12). No one is hurt, but the Colonel uses his influence to have the city prohibit the operation of automobiles on the streets of Jefferson.

Theron Adams

The youngest son of Mayor Adams and Eve Adams declines to accept Manfred De Spain's challenge to fight him.


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