Eve Adams

Wife of Mayor Adams and mother of Theron Adams. She is disparagingly called "Miss Eve Adam," by Gowan Stevens and his friends.

Mr Adams

The Jefferson mayor who precedes Manfred De Spain: "the mayor with a long patriarchal white beard, who probably seemed to young people like Cousin Gowan older than God Himself, until he might actually have been the first man" (11).

Unnamed Jefferson Young People

Before the election, young Jefferson citizens seem to accept the lengthy rule of their elders, but De Spain's candidacy for mayor "was the opportunity which that whole contemporary generation of young people had been waiting for, not just in Jefferson but everywhere" to change the status quo (12).

Major De Spain

Mayor De Spain's father, "a real major of Confederate cavalry" (10), and an early investor in the bank of Jefferson.

Unnamed Confederate Officers and Soldiers

Charles Mallison explains that Manfred De Spain holds the honorary title "Major" as one of those "called General or Colonel or Major because their fathers or grandfathers had been generals or colonels or majors or maybe just privates" (10).

Manfred De Spain

"De Spain himself was a West Pointer who had gone to Cuba as a second lieutenant with troops and came home with a wound- a long scar running from his hair through his left ear and down his jaw" (11). His sporty and noisy EMF Roadster was the first manufactured automobile in Jefferson. Manfred De Spain is elected mayor: "It was a landslide because more than just he had won, been elected. The new age had entered Jefferson; he was merely its champion, the Godfrey de Bouillon, the Tancred, the Jefferson Richard Lion-heart of the twentieth century" (13).

Joe Buffaloe

The city electrician, Joe Buffaloe "in 1904...drove out of his backyard into the street in the first automobile we had ever seen, made by hand completely" (12).

Mr. Harker

Previously a saw mill engineer, Harker is now an engineer in the Jefferson power plant. He enjoys making sarcastic remarks about Tom Tom Bird, Tomey's Turl Beauchamp, and Flem Snopes. For example, Harker says, "'If Turl ever is unlucky enough to get married he would still have to climb in his own back window or he wouldn't even know what he come after" (24).

Eck Snopes

Father of Wallstreet Panic (later "Wall") and Admiral Dewey Snopes, Eck seems too generous and good-hearted to be a member of the Snopes family, although he was "another Snopes accreted in from Frenchman's Bend into the vacuum behind the first one" (9) Ratliff explains to Gavin Stevens that Eck is "Indubitably and indefensibily not a Snopes; even to impugn him . . . whose mother, like her incredible sister-by-marriage a generation later, had, must have, as the old bucolic poet said, cast a leglin girth herself before she married whatever Snopes was Eck's titular father" (33).

Henry Armstid

Ratliff recalls that he and Henry Armstid were tricked by Flem Snopes into buying the Old Frenchman's Place. Flem Snopes convinces them that Civil War treasure was buried there.


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