New Orleans in "Appendix, Compson" (Location)

The imported furniture in the original Compson mansion travels "by steamboat from France and New Orleans" (328).

France in "Appendix, Compson" (Location)

Much of the furniture inside the original Compson mansion was imported from France (328). Caddy Compson's last known address is also in France: she "vanished in Paris with the German occupation, 1940," during World War II (332).

"That Will Be Fine", 271 (Event)


Mississippi River in "Appendix, Compson" (Location)

"The whole Mississippi Valley" (327) is the immense area drained by the Mississippi River and its tributaries. Until 1803 much of this territory was claimed by Spain, which ceded it to France, which sold it to the U.S. as the Louisiana Purchase.

Harrodsburg, Kentucky in "Appendix, Compson" (Location)

"Harrodsburg" (327) is the modern name of the town in north central Kentucky that was originally settled by James Harrod in 1774 and called Harrodstown. It is often referred to as the oldest permanent American settlement west of Appalachians. It is also, as the Appendix suggests, close to Boonesborough (326).

Georgia in "Appendix, Compson" (Location)

Charles Stuart Compson vanishes "from one of Tarleton's regiments on a Georgia battlefield" in 1778 (326). It's not clear what battlefield Faulkner has in mind; there was fighting in Georgia during Revolutionary War, but Tarleton not involved in any of it.

Carolina in "Appendix, Compson" (Location)

After fleeing Scotland, Quentin Compson lived in "Carolina" (326). Faulkner's narrative does not say which Carolina - which is also the case with those other Yoknapatawpha families from "Carolina," the Sartorises and the McCaslins - but the most likely one is South Carolina, on account of the major port of Charleston.

"That Will Be Fine", 271 (Event)


Scotland in "Appendix, Compson" (Location)

The Compson family, like much of the white population of Yoknapatawpha, is originally from Scotland. The story mentions three different places in that country, all of them real: Glasgow is the home of the printer who was Quentin MacLachan's father; Perth is city in central Scotland where Quentin's mother's family lived and where he was brought up after death of both parents; and "Culloden Moor" is where the Jacobites (including Quentin) were decisively defeated in a battle with Great Britain in 1746.

"That Will Be Fine", 271 (Event)



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