A General in the Confederate Army. Although in the story Forrest says General Johnston is "at Jackson" in Mississippi, at the time of the battle of Harrykin Creek - April 1862 - he was actually fighting in Virginia. (He was put in charge of Confederate forces in the western theater of the war, which included Mississippi, at the end of 1862.)

Unnamed Confederate Soldier

Forrest tells Granny that he has placed Philip "in close arrest, with a guard with a bayonet" (694) - this is that guard.

Site of Philip Backhouse's Arrest in "My Grandmother Millard and General Bedford Forrest and the Battle of Harrykin Creek" (Location)

The spot "twenty miles ahead" of the Tallahatchie Crossing, where Lieutenant Backhouse has led his troop "trying to find something to lead another charge against" (692). He is placed under arrest here by General Forrest's provost.

Site of Philip Backhouse's Arrest

Confederate Provost

The "provost" who arrests Philip for disobeying orders (692). In the Confederate armies, provosts were charged with maintaining discipline - like military police in the modern U.S. armed forces. (The second time the story refers to him, "Provost" is capitalized, 694.)


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