General Compson's Office in Absalom, Absalom! (Location)

On different occasions, Sutpen and Judith both visit General Compson in his office in town. Compson appears in the novel in the roles of cotton planter and Confederate officer, but not in any role that would require an office in town, so we have to speculate about both the exact location and the purpose of this office. In The Sound and the Fury his son is a lawyer, so that might be the General's other occupation; it would explain why the office is near the courthouse (163), and why Judith seeks his help in the courtroom.

Judge Benbow's Office in Absalom, Absalom! (Location)

Judge Benbow's office is probably on the Square. In it he keeps the "portfolio" full of betting tickets as his records of the "Estate of Goodhue Coldfield" (172).

Holston House in Absalom, Absalom! (Location)

Named for the man who built it at the very beginning of Jefferson's history, and located on the Square at the center of town, the Holston House is the town's main hotel for the entire Yoknapatawpha saga, from the 1830s through the 1950s. Sutpen stays there when he first arrives, and although the passages describing that stay don't provide any details, they do mention the hotel's "lounge" (25), barroom, dining room and "gallery" (or front porch, 23).

Improvised Hospital in Absalom, Absalom! (Location)

There were no Civil War battles fought in Yoknapatawpha, but like other southern towns during the war, Jefferson had an "improvised hospital" where the ladies of the community "cleaned and dressed" the wounded soldiers who were shipped there in the aftermath of battles (99). "Improvised" could mean a structure that was erected for this purpose, like a tent, or an empty building, a store or boarding house, that was used this way.

Coldfield's Store in Absalom, Absalom! (Location)

After moving to Jefferson with a single wagon-load of merchandise, Goodhue Coldfield opens what the novel calls "a little cross-roads store" in Jefferson (32). The store is definitely in the town itself, next to the Holston House (32), and so not technically at a crossroads, where country stores are typically established.

Jefferson Livery Stable in Absalom, Absalom! (Location)

Jefferson already has "a blacksmith and livery stable" in 1833 (24). Along with the drovers' tavern, the livery stable "supplies the guests" who "did attend" Ellen and Sutpen's wedding (42) - which seems to refer to the uninvited men who jeer the wedding party from outside the church.

Drovers' Tavern in Absalom, Absalom! (Location)

Many of the men who make up the mob outside Sutpen's wedding are "stock traders and hostlers and such" from "the drovers' tavern on the edge of town" (39). The novel does not specify which "edge," but if by "drover" Faulkner means someone who moves animals or freight from one place to another, then the tavern would probably be north of town, closest to Memphis; in any case, that is the basis on which we locate it on our map.

Riverbank Cave in Absalom! in Absalom, Absalom! (Location)

The pursuers have traveled over "thirteen miles from Sutpen's camp" (197) when they finally overtake the French architect at "a cave under the river bank" (177).

Downed Log in Absalom! in Absalom, Absalom! (Location)

The French architect throws the dogs off his trail by climbing into the trees at this point; it is here that, "sitting on a log" while the trackers try to recover the trail, that Sutpen begins telling General Compson about his design (193).

Riverbank Cave in Absalom!


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