Jackson, Mississippi in The Town (Location)

Wallstreet Panic Snopes manages to secure a paper route in Jefferson for the newspaper from Jackson.

Jefferson High School in The Town (Location)

The high school is distinct from the grammar school in Jefferson according to Chick Mallison (197). Gowan Stevens attends the high school while he lives in Jefferson (47), and Linda Snopes also attends the high school, which seems to be across the square from her home since she meets Gavin "on her way home from school" for ice cream (197).

Jefferson School in The Town (Location)

The Jefferson school is attended by several characters in The Town. Chick Mallison refers to himself being in grammar school (197), and Wallstreet Panic enters kindergarten (134) here where he meets his second grade teacher to whom he later proposes in her classroom, the "empty room itself smelling of chalk and anguished cerebration and the dry inflexibility of facts" (153).

Montgomery Ward Snopes' Studio in The Town (Location)

Opened by Montgomery Ward Snopes in a building owned by the Compsons after he returns from the first world war in Europe, "it was a store on the corner by an alley, with a side door on the alley" with a sign on the glass window that said "Antelier Monty" (127).

De Spain Mansion in The Town (Location)

Although the De Spains, father and son, appear often in Faulkner's fictions, his novels provide few details about them or their plantation. Since Ratliff's account of Ab Snopes' experience with de Spain in The Hamlet is essentially a summary of the story Faulkner told in "Barn Burning," we have set the De Spain property in the same place as the editors of that story did. But it has to be acknowledged that even in the short story, there is no clear indication of where De Spain's property lies in Yoknapatawpha.

Ohio in The Town (Location)

Where Bayard Sartoris is killed testing an aeroplane "that they said nobody else would fly" (125). Also where Matt Levitt is from where he won the Golden Gloves and attended the "new Ford mechanic's school" (192).

Site of Bayard's Second Accident in The Town (Location)

The road on the other side of a hill with a ditch running aside it.

University of Virginia in The Town (Location)

Located in Charlottesville, the University of Virginia is where Gowan Stevens prepares to attend by going to prep school in Washington.

Jefferson Cemetery in The Town (Location)

Eck Snopes, or all that was recovered of him--the neck brace that is found "hanging in the telegraph wires about two hundred yards from where the tank had been" (116)--is laid to rest here by the Masons in charge of the funeral (117). Eula Varner Snopes is also laid to rest in there in "the graveyard and the new lot empty except for the one raw excavation and even that not long, hidden quickly, rapidly beneath the massed flowers, themselves already doomed in the emblem-shapes--wreaths and harps and urns--of the mortality which the de-stingered, euphemised" (360).

Culvert where Cedrick Nunnery Plays in The Town (Location)

Cedric Nunnery is playing here, "about a half mile away" and "up the track" from the depot, when the explosion occurs (116).


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