Tennessee in Absalom, Absalom! (Location)

Goodhue Coldfield's father is from Tennessee, and it was presumably from there that he moved to Yoknapatawpha.

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania in Absalom, Absalom! (Location)

The site of a Civil War battle fought from July 1–3, 1863, in and around the town of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. The battle incurred the largest number of casualties of the war, including the 6500 killed or wounded during "Pickett's charge" (289). ("Manassas," where Shreve mistakenly thinks Pickett's charge occurred, is the town in Virginia near the fields where two battles, First and Second Bull Run, were fought, 289). The Confederate regiment from Yoknapatawpha that Sutpen commands is supposed to have been "present at Gettysburg" (154).

Missouri in Absalom, Absalom! (Location)

"Missouri" is one of the places in which the lawyer claims to be looking for Thomas Sutpen (244), and "Saint Louis" - usually spelled St. Louis, Missouri - is one of the places Ellen thinks Thomas Sutpen may have gone "on business" when Bon comes to Sutpen's Hundred the second time (263). Missouri was admitted to the U.S. as a slave state in 1831; in 1860 the population of St. Louis was over 160,000, making it the largest city on the Mississippi River.

California in Absalom, Absalom! (Location)

California is briefly mentioned twice in the novel, first speculatively, as one of the places Henry Sutpen might have fled after killing Bon (147), then hypothetically, as one of the three places where the lawyer pretends to be looking for Henry's father (244). Historically, at these times, California was a new U.S. state, having been admitted to the union in 1850, almost as soon as gold was discovered there.

Texas in Absalom, Absalom! (Location)

Texas figures in a number of Yoknapatawpha fictions, including Absalom!, as a place to run to after you've done something wrong. For example, it is speculated that Sutpen acquires the luxurious furnishings for his mansion by a scheme that, if it hadn't worked out, would have meant changing his name "and moving to Texas" (208). Similarly, it is speculated that after killing Bon, Henry "fled to Texas" or somewhere else - "California or maybe even South America" (147).

Borneo in Absalom, Absalom! (Location)

Borneo is an island off the coast of southeast Asia. In Absalom! its fabled head-hunters provide a metaphorical point-of-reference: Clytemnestra's "body just grew smaller and smaller like something being shrunk in a furnace, like the Bornese do their captured heads" (175).

Italy in Absalom, Absalom! (Location)

Italy well was known for its marble when Thomas Sutpen somehow acquired imported tombstones for himself and his wife.

Rock Island Prison in Absalom, Absalom! (Location)

Rock Island Prison, where Rosa's aunt's husband is held, was a real Union prisoner-of-war camp during the Civil War. It was opened in 1863 in Rock Island, Illinois, and became one of the Union Army's largest prisons; by the end of the war, over 12,000 Confederate soldiers had been held there.


Rock Island Prison


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