Backus Plantation in The Town (Location)

The Backus plantation, "about six miles from town" is where Milisandre lives with "her father and a bottle of whiskey" (52). After she marries a rich New Orleans bootlegger, the plantation transforms from "just another Mississippi cotton farm" but to one with "white fences and weather-vanes in the shape of horses so that it looked like a cross between a Kentucky country club and a Long Island race track" (187-88).

Jefferson Barber Shop in The Town (Location)

Busy on Saturdays, it is the apparently the only barbershop in town (52).

Mallisons' House in The Town (Location)

Where the Stevens and Mallisons live, which is owned by Maggie's father: "We were all living with Grandfather then.

Judge Stevens'|Gavin Stevens' Office in The Town (Location)

As his office is located on Jefferson's Courthouse Square over the hardware store (92), Gavin Stevens worries that "My God all the lights on for the whole town to see" when Eula Snopes visits him there after dark (94).

Big Bottom in The Town (Location)

The "Big Bottom" is Faulkner's name for a large wilderness area on the Tallahatchie River in the northwestern corner of Yoknapatawpha County as described most vividly in his novel Go Down, Moses. In this text, Colonial Sartoris is described as "of that group of old Major de Spain's bear and deer hunters when Major de Spain established his annual hunting camp in the Big Bottom shortly after the war" (45).

Unnamed Confederate Officers(2)

Four officers - "in their gray and braid and sabres" - accompany Philip and the chaplain to the wedding at Sartoris (699). This group might include some of the five officers who came to Sartoris earlier with Forrest, but that is not directly said or suggested in the text.


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