Fishing Camp|Hunting Camp in "A Bear Hunt" (Location)

The hunting camp owned by Major de Spain stands in the wilderness of the river bottom "twenty miles from town" (63). Although only occupied about two weeks a year, during the fall hunting season, it seems to be a fairly substantial structure, complete with a separate kitchen in the fashion of larger southern houses.

Courthouse Square in "A Bear Hunt" (Location)

Courthouse Square sits at the center of both the town of Jefferson and the county of Yoknapatawpha, and appears in most of Faulkner's Yoknapatawpha fictions in various ways. In "A Bear Hunt" it is explicitly mentioned as the site where the Provine gang likes to shoot off pistols "late on Saturday nights" (64).

Unnamed other neighbors

The neighbors from "the adjacent countryside" (119) to the Pritchel farm take clay from the clay pit to make pottery, and some arrive at the crime scene.

River Road in Bear Hunt

Chickasaw Settlement and Store

Negro Church in County 3

Negro Church in County 1

Indian Mound 1

Hunting Camp Kitchen

Hunting Stand 3 in "Bear Hunt"


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