Nunnery House in The Town (Location)

Mrs. Nunnery lives with her son Cedric in "a little house just up the hill from the depot" (115).

Mexico in The Town (Location)

Where Chick Mallison speculates Byron Snopes escapes after robbing Colonel Sartoris's Bank.

France/WW I in The Town (Location)

Gavin Stevens spends five months "with his stretcher just behind Verdun" during the first World War (110). Montgomery Ward Snopes goes with him in the Y.M.C.A. where he runs a canteen "at a little town not far away" from Chalons that became "jest about the most popular canteen the army or even the Y.M.C.A.

England in The Town (Location)

When Colonel Sartoris's twin grandsons enlist in the Royal Flying Corps during WWI, they are first stationed in England.

Amsterdam in The Town (Location)

When Gavin Stevens reaches Amsterdam, he is able to get better information about the American Field Service.

New York City in The Town (Location)

Gavin Stevens travels here in order to catch a ship to Europe.

Mottson Train Station in The Town (Location)

Also called the Mottson train station in The Sound and the Fury, the Mottstown junction is on the line that runs through Jefferson, but is where Gavin Stevens can "catch the express from Memphis to New York" (107).

Ford Near Varner House in The Town (Location)

More fully described in The Hamlet as being near a ford, the "dark road" in Frenchman's Bend is where the Eula's suitors ambush McCarron and Eula in the buggy.

Rotting Tree in The Hound|The Hamlet in The Town (Location)

Mink Snopes drops his gun in a slough near here after killing Zack Houston; the gun is later found by "fish-grabblers" (84).

Quiet Road in "The Hound"|The Hamlet in The Town (Location)

Mink kills Houston on a road that that runs beside a "thicket" somewhere between Houston's land and Varner's Store in Frenchman's Bend (83-84).


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