Unnamed Person at City Hall

This person informed "somebody at the City Hall and had the auditors in" (31). Gavin Stevens speculates this is probably Buffaloe.

Otis Harker

Otis is "Nephew or cousin or something"(26) to the engineer Harker at the power plant and substitutes for him "whenever Mr. Harker wanted a night off." Later on, he becomes the Jefferson night marshal who neglects his duties.

Unnamed Sunday Substitute for Tom Tom

Tom Tom Bird's "substitute, who fired the boilers on Sunday" (26) also fills in for him while Tom Tom keeps lookout at home.

Buck Connors

Jefferson marshall and father to Buck Connors II.

Unnamed City Clerk

The city clerk collects a check for $218.52 from Flem Snopes for the missing brass.

Unnamed Auditors

After a close inspection of the inventory and the power plant itself, these two men "in spectacles" determine that $218.52 worth of brass is missing. According to Mr Harker, "They went over the books and poked around ever where, counting ever thing in sight and writing it down" (22).

Unnamed Enemy Tacklers

Gowan believes "shovelling coal on a power-plant night shift would be the exact perfect training" for football and dodging enemy tacklers (17). From this vantage point, he views the conflict among Flem Snopes, Tom Tom Bird, and Tomey's Turl.

Unnamed neighbor women

Two neighbor women stay at Pritchel's house with the deputy sheriff during Ellie Flint's funeral in order to cook a meal for Wesley Pritchel (124).

Bryan Ewell

Bryan Ewell is a deputy sheriff whom the sheriff orders to guard Wesley Pritchel's house after Pritchel has locked himself in his room (122).

Unnamed archaeologists

A group of "archaeologists from the State University" dig up Native American relics from Pritchel's clay pit until he runs them off with a shotgun (119).


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