Oklahoma in "Appendix, Compson" (Location)

In the Choctaw language, "Oklahoma" means "red people." It was the land to which many of the Indians tribes were sent by the American government during the first half of the 19th century, including the Chickasaws who once lived in Yoknapatawpha. When Faulkner says they were granted the land by treaty because the U.S. did not know then "about the oil" (325), he may be thinking specifically of the gusher that erupted in Oklahoma in 1896, leading to another rush, not for farm land as in 1889 but for oil rich land.

Mexico in "Appendix, Compson" (Location)

During the 20th century it was much easier to obtain a divorce in Mexico than in most U.S. states, which is no doubt why Caddy divorced her second husband there in 1925.

California in "Appendix, Compson" (Location)

"Hollywood," where Caddy meets her second husband (and where Faulkner often worked as a screenwriter during the 1930s and 40s but where he never felt at home), has been the center of the American movie industry since the 1920s.

French Lick in "Appendix, Compson" (Location)

French Lick, where Caddy meets her first husband, is a town in southern Indiana. Since before the Civil War it has been well-known as a resort community with hotels and spas built up around its sulfur springs.

Spain in "Appendix, Compson" (Location)

Until 1824, Spain was a major colonial power in the territories that became part of the U.S. Until 1803, it claimed much of the "Mississippi Valley" (327), the immense area drained by the Mississippi River and its tributaries also known as the Louisiana Purchase, which the U.S. acquired after Spain ceded it to France.

Harvard University in "Appendix, Compson" (Location)

Quentin goes to Cambridge, Massachusetts, to attend Harvard College. In a revision of the story Faulkner tells in The Sound and the Fury, the Appendix says he completes his freshman year before committing suicide.

Cannebiere, France

Resaca, Georgia

Natchez Trace

Harrodsburg, Kentucky


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