Term ID Vocabulary Parent Term Description
344 Actions (First level term) Emotional
1490 Actions Emotional Empathy
4587 Actions Communication Engrave
2405 Actions Military Enlistment
3773 Actions Moral Entrapment / trapping
672 Actions Violent Entry
890 Actions Mental Envisioning
1373 Actions Non-human Escape
1967 Actions Military Escape
3041 Actions Physical Escape from confinement
3909 Actions Physical Escaping
3449 Actions Verbal Esoteric language
3778 Actions Physical Evasion
2102 Actions Verbal Exaggeration
950 Actions Emotional Exasperation
1599 Actions Emotional Excitement
2227 Actions Emotional Exhaustion
4598 Actions Legal Exhumation order
3835 Actions Perceptual Experiencing second-hand / vicariously
3362 Actions Verbal Explaining
2261 Actions Moral Exploitation
4299 Actions Violent Explosion
4251 Actions Physical Extinguishing fire
1341 Actions Emotional Exultation
3553 Actions Mental Failing / Failure
1318 Actions Bodily Fainting
3642 Actions Bodily Falling
3901 Actions Perceptual Familiarity
1304 Actions Verbal Family history
3327 Actions Mental Fantasizing
813 Actions Work Farming
1833 Actions Agricultural Farming
4169 Actions Emotional Fascination
2263 Actions Mental Fatalism
505 Actions Emotional Fear
1236 Actions Domestic Feeding
3078 Actions Bodily Feeling pain
2542 Actions Movement Ferry
1913 Actions Movement Fetching
550 Actions Violent Fighting
2127 Actions Physical Finding

For when the text refers to the explicit act of someone or something being found; may include things found that were not actually being searched for. (Cf. Luster's search for a quarter, and the other things he finds.) -JBP

1850 Actions Work Fireman
2913 Actions Hunting Fishing
3907 Actions Mental Flashback
3676 Actions Verbal Flattery
2535 Actions Bodily Flatulence
553 Actions Movement Flight
841 Actions Movement Following
2132 Actions Domestic Food preparation
1382 Actions Work For room and board
2650 Actions Moral Forgiveness
1481 Actions Hunting Fox hunting
4485 Actions Moral Fraud
2162 Actions Physical Freeing
1682 Actions Interaction, Social Frontier life
2231 Actions Economic Frugality
1815 Actions Emotional Frustration
1182 Actions Emotional Fury
1339 Actions Bodily Gaining weight
937 Actions Play Gambling
900 Actions Work Gardening
2789 Actions Physical Gardening
3383 Actions Verbal Garrulousness

Created for Gavin Stevens--LW

2286 Actions Interaction, Social Gentleman's agreement

Set of non-legally binding norms and values between two men. Distinct from Noblesse Oblige this is not class based, but gender based. Faulkner also uses this ironically at times. JB

4061 Actions Economic Getting a receipt
4220 Actions Movement Getting closer

When someone's thoughts during a journey are focused on the place they're heading for, either with excitement or dread or something in between. SR

1648 Actions Work Getting water
2759 Actions Physical Getting water
1109 Actions Economic Gifting
3443 Actions Work Glassblowing
1552 Actions Bodily Going to bed
4013 Actions Hunting Goose hunting
502 Actions Interaction, Social Gossip
671 Actions Verbal Gossip
2823 Actions Communication Gossip

The original definition here was "informal oral networks", which was too technical, but perhaps more accurate. In essence, gossip here is a means for the whole community to become aware of news. JB

1848 Actions Work Government
3175 Actions Communication Graffiti
3400 Actions Emotional Gratitude
1753 Actions Moral Gravedigging

This is any time when someone is either digging a grave, or trying to disinter a body in a grave. I'm thinking of Mink moving Houston's body in The Hamlet and the Hound, but also Monk trying to dig up his grandmother in Monk.

2033 Actions Interaction, Social Greeting
508 Actions Emotional Grief
956 Actions Bodily Grinning
2500 Actions Bodily Groaning
2053 Actions Hunting Guiding
2990 Actions Emotional Guilt
2672 Actions Verbal Haggling
3047 Actions Mental Hallucinating
1816 Actions Physical Hammering
4039 Actions Legal Handcuffing
835 Actions Physical Hanging
2184 Actions Emotional Hate
2149 Actions Bodily Healing
3334 Actions Legal Hearing
4200 Actions Perceptual Hearing
4155 Actions Bodily Heart beating
3672 Actions Emotional Hero worship
4182 Actions Bodily Hiccups
839 Actions Physical Hiding
1114 Actions Bodily Hiding
1915 Actions Movement Hiding