Term ID Vocabulary Parent Term Description
3760 Actions Economic Hiring / employing / offering a job
1858 Actions Play Historical recreation
659 Actions Violent Hitting
1250 Actions Physical Hitting
2753 Actions Physical Holding
2776 Actions Emotional Homesickness
4231 Actions Violent Homicide
1619 Actions Verbal Honor
1105 Actions Emotional Hope
3854 Actions Emotional Horror
1110 Actions Movement Horse
2120 Actions Economic Horse trading
3831 Actions Work Horse training
2688 Actions Interaction, Social Hosting
2723 Actions Movement Hot-air balloon
4138 Actions Hunting Hounds
1951 Actions Domestic Housekeeping
4404 Actions Verbal Howling
4156 Actions Emotional Humiliation
1743 Actions Bodily Hungering
345 Actions (First level term) Hunting
2297 Actions Emotional Hurried
3339 Actions Movement Hurrying
3761 Actions Emotional Hurting
1742 Actions Verbal Hushing
2109 Actions Emotional Hysteria
970 Actions Bodily Idleness
2177 Actions Mental Imagining
2207 Actions Mental Impairment
1058 Actions Emotional Impatience
685 Actions Economic Impounding
3329 Actions Physical Inaction / Not doing something
3555 Actions Mental Inattentativeness
1724 Actions Interaction, Social Incarcerating
3804 Actions Mental Incomprehension
4355 Actions Emotional Incredulity
3394 Actions Economic Indebtedness
1785 Actions Emotional Indecision
1509 Actions Emotional Indifference
2779 Actions Emotional Indignation
3723 Actions Emotional Inferiority
2077 Actions Hunting Injury

Added for when hunters (or hunting dogs) are injured while hunting -- as Boon (and Lion) are. -JBP

1996 Actions Mental Inquiry
4328 Actions Mental Insight
1335 Actions Bodily Insomnia
3390 Actions Verbal Instructing
3311 Actions Verbal Insulting
4536 Actions Economic Insurance payment
4041 Actions Violent Intent to kill
346 Actions (First level term) Interaction, Private
347 Actions (First level term) Interaction, Social
4346 Actions Mental Internal argument
2945 Actions Violent Interracial
1507 Actions Interaction, Private Interrogation
3673 Actions Verbal Interruption
3735 Actions Movement Interurban streetcar / trolley
2065 Actions Emotional Intimidation
2764 Actions Violent Intimidation
4238 Actions Emotional Introspective
2159 Actions Physical Intrusion
2937 Actions Emotional Intuition
1299 Actions Perceptual Investigating
2691 Actions Economic Investing
1218 Actions Verbal Invitation
975 Actions Emotional Jealousy
3501 Actions Work Jeweler
1396 Actions Verbal Joking
4175 Actions Play Joking around
3729 Actions Emotional Joy
3938 Actions Moral Judgmental
1439 Actions Physical Jumping
4416 Actions Bodily Jumping
1980 Actions Physical Kicking
2483 Actions Violent Kicking
1429 Actions Violent Kidnapping
2715 Actions Violent Killing in war
2072 Actions Violent Killing of animals

This was added to refer to violence related to the killing of animals, either by humans or by other animals. (Some overlap, perhaps, with Animal predatory behavior.) -JBP

1389 Actions Physical Kissing
3111 Actions Bodily Kissing
3114 Actions Bodily Kneeling
1770 Actions Domestic Knitting
4375 Actions Communication Lack of communication

To be used generally for any instance in which information is suppressed or not passed between individuals. This can apply to individuals sharing the same space or to communication across longer distances. JC

3440 Actions Work Landscaping
1432 Actions Emotional Laughing
2708 Actions Bodily Laughing
986 Actions Work Law enforcement
1134 Actions Work Lawyering

Performing any sort of work as an attorney at law. JW

976 Actions Interaction, Social Leadership
3517 Actions Mental Learning
4052 Actions Work Leaving work
1086 Actions (First level term) Legal
648 Actions Moral Legal surrender
3316 Actions Economic Lending Money
1494 Actions Communication Letter
3147 Actions Physical Lifting
3652 Actions Movement Limousine
1441 Actions Movement Limping
4411 Actions Bodily Limping
2794 Actions Hunting Lion hunting
944 Actions Verbal Listen