Vocabulary: Aesthetics
Term ID Term Parent Description
4785 Fort Moultrie, South Carolina Allusion, Geographical
2327 Fort Sumter Allusion, Historical
3289 Fragments Language
1659 Frame Narrative

Though somewhat obvious, this refers to a "nested" narrative where a story is told by someone to someone else. The example here is the opening of The Reivers, where the entire text is framed as being told to Lucius III by Lucius II. JB

1265 France Allusion, Geographical
5380 Francesca Allusion, Literary
5434 Franco, Francisco Allusion, Historical
2849 Free indirect discourse Narrative
2780 French Language
3677 French Lick, Indiana Allusion, Geographical
5549 Freud, Sigmund Allusion, Historical
1315 Freudian Symbolism
2956 Gaines's Mill Allusion, Geographical
3767 Galahad Allusion, Literary
3343 Galilee Allusion, Geographical
4348 Gambling imagery Figures of Speech
4351 Gaps Narrative
3285 Garden of Eden Allusion, Biblical
3410 Garibaldi, Giuseppe Allusion, Historical
5054 General Compson's military record Recurring Episodes
1895 Genesis Allusion, Biblical
409 Genre Conventions (First level term)
4385 Georgia Allusion, Geographical
4735 German Language
4311 Germany Allusion, Geographical
4332 Gethsemane Allusion, Biblical
3050 Gettysburg Allusion, Geographical
3587 Ghost Figures of Speech
3136 Ghost story Genre Conventions
4268 Gilbert and Sullivan Allusion, Literary
4925 Glasgow, Scotland Allusion, Geographical
3558 Glass Figures of Speech
4030 Glove Figures of Speech
2390 God / Jehovah Allusion, Biblical
3772 Gods Allusion, Mythical
4110 Goethe, Johann Allusion, Historical
2810 Goldwater, Barry Allusion, Historical
3194 Gone With the Wind Allusion, Literary
5575 Good Samaritan Allusion, Biblical
3322 Gospel of Luke Allusion, Biblical
3325 Gospel of Matthew Allusion, Biblical
520 Gothic Genre Conventions
2170 Grable, Betty Allusion, Historical
4217 Grammatically incorrect Language
5546 Grand Canyon Allusion, Geographical
4645 Grandiloquence Language
2709 Grant, Ulysses S. Allusion, Historical
4164 Great Depression Allusion, Historical
5565 Great Lakes Allusion, Geographical
2191 Greek tragedy Allusion, Literary
5530 Greenville, Mississippi Allusion, Geographical
5363 Greenwich Village Allusion, Geographical
4774 Grenada, Mississippi Allusion, Geographical
5243 Grotesque Description
2655 Guinevere Allusion, Literary
2489 Gulf Coast Allusion, Geographical
3512 Gull Figures of Speech
1266 Gulliver's Travels Allusion, Literary
3373 Ha ha ha Language
4327 Hah Language
4330 Ham Allusion, Biblical
5387 Hamilton, Alexander Allusion, Historical
2657 Hamlet Allusion, Literary
2953 Hampton, Wade Allusion, Historical
1893 Hamsa Symbolism
598 Handwriting Typography/Orthography
2746 Handy, W.C. Allusion, Historical
2897 Hardwick, Tennessee Allusion, Geographical
4019 Hardy, Thomas Allusion, Literary
3017 Hare Allusion, Historical
5100 Harlem Allusion, Geographical
2169 Harlow, Jean Allusion, Historical
3016 Harpe Allusion, Historical
5391 Harriman, E.H. Allusion, Historical
5210 Harriss' death Recurring Episodes
1135 Harvard University Allusion, Geographical
1484 Harvest Figures of Speech
3755 Havana, Cuba Allusion, Geographical
2890 Haw haw Language
3376 Haw haw haw Language
4583 Hawkhurst Allusion, Geographical
4890 Heart of Darkness Intertextuality
1928 Heaven Allusion, Biblical
2284 Hee hee hee Language
2821 Heh heh heh Language
1136 Heidelberg, Germany Allusion, Geographical
5294 Helen Allusion, Mythical
2692 Helen of Troy Allusion, Historical
1905 Hell Allusion, Biblical
5068 Henry kills Bon Recurring Episodes
4529 Herrick, Robert Allusion, Literary
4770 Hickahala bottom Allusion, Geographical
2841 Hickory Flat Allusion, Geographical
1605 Hill dialect Diction
5392 Hill, A.T. Allusion, Historical
3435 Hinson, Jack Allusion, Historical
919 Hitler, Adolph Allusion, Historical
3638 Holly Springs, Mississippi Allusion, Geographical
3113 Hollywood Allusion, Geographical
4615 Home Sweet Home Allusion, Literary