Vocabulary: Aesthetics
Term ID Term Parent Description
3421 Delayed decoding Description

Used in instances when the initial description of an object is ambiguous or defamiliarized, and the narrative only later clarifies exactly what was being described. For example, in _Flags in the Dust_, a clarinet is initially described as "a slender tube frosted over with keys" (143). BR

1751 Delayed revelation Narrative

Any time in a narrative where something happens, but the exact nature of the event is not revealed till some time later. Faulkner uses this technique quite often. The example here is from Monk, where Monk had apparently been living in a house for several months, but the town does not find out about it until months later.

3484 Delilah Allusion, Biblical
1890 Demon Allusion, Mythical
2458 Demosthenes Allusion, Historical
5624 Derogatory socio-economic term Diction
1099 Description (First level term)
2374 Desert island Figures of Speech
4749 Detective fiction Genre Conventions
3281 Dialogue with no quotation marks Typography/Orthography
5467 Dickens, Charles Allusion, Literary
3782 Dickinson, Emily Allusion, Literary
3230 Dickson Allusion, Historical
407 Diction (First level term)
1698 Dillinger, John Allusion, Historical
5245 Dionysus Allusion, Mythical
1902 Disease Figures of Speech
4868 Disruption Narrative
1930 Divine intervention Allusion, Biblical
1936 Djinn Allusion, Mythical
5562 Doddsville, Mississippi Allusion, Geographical
2387 Don Juan Allusion, Literary
4302 Don Quixote Allusion, Literary
4527 Donne, John Allusion, Literary
5039 Doom becomes chief Recurring Episodes
1308 Dots Typography/Orthography

This is for the occasions when Faulkner uses a series of dots as a feature of his prose - i.e. ". . ." or ". . . . . ." We can't call these dots ellipses, because they do not represent anything being left out of the text. The most disconcerting use of this technique is in "Miss Zilphia Gant." SR

849 Double entendre Diction
2189 Dragon's teeth Allusion, Mythical
3511 Drained marsh Figures of Speech
3759 Drama / Theatre imagery Figures of Speech
4520 Drawing of an eye Typography/Orthography
5010 Drawing of delta Typography/Orthography
3460 Dreiser, Theodore Allusion, Historical
5063 Driving to Goodwin's Recurring Episodes
4393 Duke John of Lorraine Allusion, Historical
1878 Dumas, Alexandre Allusion, Literary
3295 Dumas, Alexandre Allusion, Historical
3236 Dunquerque Allusion, Geographical
5429 East Lynne Allusion, Literary
4633 eeeeeeeeeeeeeee Language
4518 Egypt Allusion, Geographical
4492 Einstein, Albert Allusion, Historical
2032 Electricity Figures of Speech
742 Elegiac Tone
3158 Eliot, T. S. Allusion, Literary
1425 Ellipsis Language
1049 Embedded text, cursive Intertextuality

This term was created In reference to the names "George Wilkins" and "Nathalie Beauchamp" written by hand on the wedding license in "Point of Law." JW

1180 Embedded text, lettering Intertextuality
3912 Embroidery Figures of Speech
3218 Emperor Maximilian Allusion, Historical
2707 England Allusion, Geographical
1637 Epiphany Narrative
3220 Erinys Allusion, Mythical
5047 Etching name on window Recurring Episodes
3927 Ethnic slur Diction
4088 Euboeleus / Eubuleus Allusion, Mythical
5071 Eula's medallion unveiled Recurring Episodes
5442 Europe Allusion, Geographical
2617 Eve Allusion, Biblical
4322 Exodus Allusion, Biblical
760 Exoticism Figures of Speech
4963 Explanatory passage Interpretation
1661 Explorers Allusion, Historical
2287 Expression Figures of Speech

Any common expression, saying, or proverb that Faulkner uses. For example, "cat on a hot stove" or "sticks out like a horse in a duck pond." JB

915 Eyes Figures of Speech
1204 Eyes Description
1545 Face Figures of Speech
2611 Fantasy Narrative

Whenever a narrator engages in an event that she or he knows to be pure fantasy or wish fulfillment. JC

1370 Farce Tone
1278 Fate Allusion, Mythical
2802 Faulkner text Intertextuality
2300 Faustus Allusion, Literary
3789 Female monsters Allusion, Mythical
3692 Fertilise / Fertility imagery Figures of Speech
5107 Fielding, Henry Allusion, Literary
5314 Fields, Lew Allusion, Historical

Part of the vaudeville comedy duo Weber and Fields. JHB

408 Figures of Speech (First level term)
3872 Fire Figures of Speech
4054 Fire Symbolism
5042 First settlers arrive Recurring Episodes
490 First-person Narrative
494 First-person passim Narrative
3131 First-person passim throughout section Narrative
504 First-person plural passim Narrative
487 First-person vernacular Narrative
488 First-person vernacular passim Narrative
2621 Fish Figures of Speech
5119 Fitzgerald, F. Scott Allusion, Literary
1533 Flag Figures of Speech
5060 Flem and Eula marry Recurring Episodes
5215 Flem reaches Jefferson Recurring Episodes
3299 Flood imagery Figures of Speech
5366 Florida Allusion, Geographical
4373 Food and drink imagery Figures of Speech
2290 Ford, Henry Allusion, Historical
4042 Foreign accent / dialect Language
3827 Foreign language Language
3038 Foreshadowing Narrative
5108 Forever Amber Allusion, Literary
1486 Forrest, Nathan Bedford Allusion, Historical