Vocabulary: Aesthetics
Term ID Term Parent Description
3796 Homer Allusion, Historical
4662 Hooooooooo Language
3564 Hopkins, Gerard Manley Allusion, Literary
2966 Horace Allusion, Literary
3135 Horror story Genre Conventions
4433 Housman, A.E. Allusion, Literary
5070 Houston murdered Recurring Episodes
5590 Huey Long Allusion, Historical
998 Humorous Tone
3229 Humphries Allusion, Historical
3679 Hunting metaphor / imagery Figures of Speech
2230 Hymn Language
3324 Hymn "His Eye Is on the Sparrow" Allusion, Literary
3296 Hymn "Holy Matrimony" Allusion, Literary
932 Hyperbole Figures of Speech
3169 Hyphen Typography/Orthography
5457 I.W.W.|Industrial Workers of the World Allusion, Historical
5075 Ikkemotubbe becomes "Doom" Recurring Episodes
1805 Imagined conversation Narrative

When a narrator retrospectively imagines what they could have or wished they had said in a particular conversation. BR

1804 Imitation Diction

When a character imitates or approximates the dialect of another, whose dialect they themselves do not use. BR

4821 Impermanence Symbolism
3670 Incongruous Tone
613 Indeterminacy Narrative
3036 Index Style
1636 Indian Language
5043 Indian removal Recurring Episodes
5605 Indiana Allusion, Geographical
4900 Indianapolis, Indiana Allusion, Geographical
5583 Ingersoll, Robert G. Allusion, Historical
1542 Inscription Typography/Orthography
1449 Interjection Language

A cry that expresses an emotion (Ouch! Ugh!) or functions as a command or request (Shhh!). BR

410 Interpretation (First level term)
483 Intertextuality (First level term)
3577 Invisible wire Figures of Speech
5490 Ireland Allusion, Geographical
3085 Ironic Tone
3404 Irony Narrative
4999 Isaac Allusion, Biblical
4139 Island of silence Figures of Speech
5184 Israel Allusion, Geographical
5374 Italian Language
3413 Italian flag Allusion, Geographical
516 Italics Typography/Orthography
4580 Italy Allusion, Geographical
2829 Iuka, Mississippi Allusion, Geographical
2668 Jackal Figures of Speech
3042 Jackson as synonym for state insane hospital Allusion, Geographical
4915 Jackson, Andrew Allusion, Historical
1119 Jackson, Mississippi Allusion, Geographical
5581 Jackson, Tennessee Allusion, Geographical
1167 Jackson, Thomas "Stonewall" Allusion, Historical
5396 Jacob Allusion, Biblical
4343 James River, Virginia Allusion, Geographical
1699 James, Jesse Allusion, Historical
4342 Jamestown, Virginia Allusion, Geographical
5528 Japan Allusion, Geographical
4208 Jazz Age Allusion, Historical
5059 Jefferson's first car Recurring Episodes
5591 Jefferson, Thomas Allusion, Historical
4117 Jehovah Allusion, Biblical
5027 Jenny arrives Recurring Episodes
4364 Jericho Allusion, Biblical
3268 Jesus Allusion, Biblical
3348 Jesus walking on water Allusion, Biblical
5178 Jezebel Allusion, Biblical
2079 John L. Sullivan Allusion, Historical
5030 Johnny Sartoris shot down Recurring Episodes
3434 Johnston, Joseph E. Allusion, Historical
3792 Johnstown, Pennsylvania Allusion, Geographical
4531 Jonson, Ben Allusion, Literary
2703 Jordan Allusion, Biblical
1872 Josephus, Flavius Allusion, Literary
3164 Joyce, James Allusion, Literary
3330 Judgment Day Allusion, Biblical
5379 Judith Allusion, Biblical
2246 Juno Allusion, Mythical
5110 Jurgen Allusion, Literary
3286 Keble, John Allusion, Literary
5412 Keeley Institute, Memphis Allusion, Geographical
3606 Kentucky Allusion, Geographical
2565 Khan, Genghis Allusion, Historical
2820 Kiblett, Arkansas Allusion, Geographical
3608 King and/or queen Figures of Speech
4237 Kitchener, Horatio Herbert Allusion, Historical
1873 Koran Allusion, Literary
5423 Kreisler, Fritz Allusion, Historical
2307 Lack of Punctuation Typography/Orthography
3233 Lamar Allusion, Historical
3337 Lancelot Allusion, Literary
2551 Landscape Description
1100 Language (First level term)
4582 Lao Tse (Laozi) Allusion, Literary
2967 Latin pastoral poetry Allusion, Literary
3168 Latin phrase Language
5271 Launcelot Allusion, Literary
4158 Leda and the Swan Allusion, Mythical
2661 Lee, Robert Edward Allusion, Historical
5297 Legal definitions Language
3347 Legends in American history Allusion, Mythical
4475 Leprosy Allusion, Biblical