Vocabulary: Aesthetics
Term ID Term Parent Description
3923 Poem/song "The Star-Spangled Banner" Allusion, Literary
4312 Poem: "Ode on a Grecian Urn" Allusion, Literary
3724 Poisoned Figures of Speech
5472 Poland Allusion, Geographical
959 Polynesian tribes Allusion, Historical
5067 Popeye's execution Recurring Episodes
3243 Popular magazines Allusion, Literary
2954 Porter, Fitz-John Allusion, Historical
3234 Prentiss Allusion, Historical
2507 Present tense Style
2085 Present-time reference Narrative

For when a character switches from past-tense narration (about past events) to refer to the present time and/or how he/she feels "now." -JBP

5008 Priam Allusion, Mythical
2588 Priapus Allusion, Mythical
3699 Princeton University Allusion, Geographical
2291 Profanity Language

Any time a character uses profanity. JB

2371 Projection Metafictional
2853 Przemysl Allusion, Geographical
5427 Ptolemy Allusion, Historical
3654 Puppy Figures of Speech
4337 Purgatory Allusion, Biblical
5462 Pushkin, Alexander Allusion, Literary
2664 Pyramus and Thisbe Allusion, Mythical
3179 Queen Victoria Allusion, Historical
5076 Quentin's suicide Recurring Episodes
2182 Quotation as thought Narrative

For when a text says a character "thinks" or "thought" something - often as a passage in quotation marks but also sometimes in italics. In those cases, perhaps the "Italics" keyword should also be applied. JBP

3534 Rabbit Figures of Speech
705 Racist term Diction
2091 Rain Figures of Speech
2792 Rainey, Paul Allusion, Historical
2840 Rainey, Paul DELETE Allusion, Historical
2828 Raleigh, Tennessee Allusion, Geographical
2632 Rape Figures of Speech
4114 Rats Figures of Speech
4904 Rebirth Symbolism
2015 Reconstructed Narrative
412 Recurring Episodes (First level term)
2245 Recurring event, intertextual Recurring Episodes

When Faulkner in one text refers to or re-writes an event that also occurs in other text(s), for example the account of Miss Quentin climbing down the pear tree (in The Sound and the Fury) or the rain pipe (as the same event has it in the "Appendix" and The Mansion. SR

2244 Recurring event, intratextual Recurring Episodes

When Faulkner refers to or re-writes an event more than once inside a single text, for example the four references to Caddy's muddy drawers in Benjy and Quentin's sections of The Sound and the Fury. SR

2835 Red Banks Allusion, Geographical
5185 Red Sea Allusion, Geographical
3106 Reflection Symbolism

Created for when a text makes explicit reference to mirrored reflection that has potential symbolic importance - created to capture Benjy's repeated references to a mirror in the library (of fire, of Caddy) that in the present day is gone (leaving only a door-like discoloration on the wall where it once had been). -JBP

3805 Reno, Nevada Allusion, Geographical
982 Repetition Narrative
1939 Replica Figures of Speech
2081 Reported narration Narrative

For when a character reports what some other character has told him/her about something that has happened - typically for things that the narrator was not present to see in person. -JBP

4165 Reported narration passim Narrative
4178 Reported narration passim in section Narrative
3369 Resumption of sentence after interruption Narrative
1989 Revision Narrative
3081 Revisionary Narrative
2852 Rheims Allusion, Geographical
2105 Richard I of England Allusion, Historical
4394 Richmond, Virginia Allusion, Geographical
5050 Rider in jail Recurring Episodes
5049 Ringo whips Ab Recurring Episodes
2635 Ripple Figures of Speech
5018 Robinson Crusoe Allusion, Literary
5478 Robinson Crusoe Allusion, Literary
4391 Roland of Roncesvalles Allusion, Historical
5623 Roman Symbolism
2357 Roman consul Allusion, Historical
5593 Roman salute Allusion, Historical
1795 Roman senator Allusion, Historical
3462 Romance Allusion, Literary
3659 Romance / Romanticism Genre Conventions
4363 Rome Allusion, Geographical
3335 Romeo and Juliet Allusion, Literary
2809 Roosevelt, Eleanor Allusion, Historical
997 Roosevelt, Franklin D. Allusion, Historical
2556 Rubicon Allusion, Historical
979 Rural vernacular Diction
4519 Russia Allusion, Geographical
2837 Ruth, George Herman "Babe" Allusion, Historical
3459 Sabatini, Rafael Allusion, Historical
4369 Sabine people Allusion, Historical
2328 Sacrifice Figures of Speech
4632 Sacrificial Animal Allusion, Biblical
2391 Saint Allusion, Biblical
3269 Saint Francis Allusion, Historical
3351 Saint Louis Fair of 1904 / Louisiana Purchase Exposition Allusion, Historical
5506 Saint Mihiel Allusion, Historical
4546 Samson Allusion, Biblical
5359 San Diego, California Allusion, Geographical
5588 San Francisco Allusion, Geographical
2895 Sande, Earl Allusion, Historical
2573 Santa Claus Allusion, Mythical

I'm assuming the group of people who both read Faulkner and believe in Santa Claus is relatively small, so saying he is mythical is not a spoiler. JB

1361 Sarcastic Tone
5040 Sartoris builds railroad Recurring Episodes
5026 Sartoris captures Yankees Recurring Episodes
5045 Sartoris deposed Recurring Episodes
5078 Sartoris escapes Yankees Recurring Episodes
5044 Sartoris raises regiment Recurring Episodes
2834 Saskatchewan Allusion, Geographical
2352 Satan Allusion, Biblical
5086 Satire Language
5475 Scandanavia Allusion, Geographical
2601 Scarecrow Figures of Speech
4112 Schiller, Friedrich Allusion, Historical
2140 Scientific Figures of Speech

To be used for figures of speech drawn from science (for example, references to osmosis, astronomy, or Darwinian evolution) - CR

4912 Scotland Allusion, Geographical