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CharKey Text Name Occupationsort ascending Rank
Unnamed Jefferson Townspeople 8 Light in August Unnamed Jefferson Townspeople Secondary view
Chevalier Soeur-Blonde de Vitry "Appendix: Compson" Unnamed French Chevalier Minor view
Unnamed First Aboriginal "The Bear" Unnamed First Indian Peripheral view
Unnamed Brawlers and Drunkards "A Name for the City" Unnamed Brawlers and Drunkards Minor view
Issetibbeha "A Courtship" Issetibbeha Minor view
Uncle Bird Flags in the Dust Bird, Uncle Minor view
Daughter of Bill Terrel "Monk" Terrel, Daughter of Bill Terrel Minor view
Unnamed Member of the Posse Light in August Unnamed Member of the Posse Minor view
Melisandre Backus Stevens "Knight's Gambit" Harriss, Mrs. Secondary view
Unnamed People of Frenchman's Bend 4 "Lizards in Jamshyd’s Courtyard" Unnamed People of Frenchman's Bend Minor view
Coldfield, Father of Goodhue Absalom, Absalom! Coldfield, Father of Goodhue Minor view
Mrs. Tubbs|Tubb Requiem for a Nun Tubbs, Mrs. Minor view
Unnamed Negro Maid 1 "Red Leaves" Unnamed Negro Maid Minor view
Vernon Tull's Father As I Lay Dying Tull, Vernon’s Father Peripheral view
Unnamed "Boy-Symbol" for Sutpen Absalom, Absalom! Unnamed "Boy-Symbol" for Sutpen Peripheral view
Unnamed School Children 1 Flags in the Dust Unnamed School Children Minor view
Unnamed Old Men, Women and Children The Unvanquished Unnamed Old Men, Women, and Children Minor view
Unnamed Child in Road "Beyond" Unnamed Child in Road Minor view
Unnamed Chickasaws 1 "A Bear Hunt" Unnamed Chickasaws Minor view
Doc Sanctuary Doc Minor view
Unnamed Ex-Soldier 1 "Dry September" Unnamed Ex-Soldier Minor view
Bayard Sartoris II "Retreat" Sartoris, Bayard Major view
Unnamed Women in Jefferson 1 The Hamlet Unnamed Women in Jefferson Minor view
Unnamed Members of Silver Shirts The Mansion Unnamed Members of Silver Shirts Minor view
Benjamin Compson The Sound and the Fury Compson, Benjamin Major view
Horace Lytle The Reivers Lytle, Horace Minor view
Unnamed Whites in Crowd Go Down, Moses Unnamed Whites in Crowd Minor view
Unnamed Boy 6 Light in August Unnamed Boy Minor view
Unnamed Slave Owners Requiem for a Nun Unnamed Slave Owners Minor view
Unnamed Mother of Narrator 2 "Race at Morning" Unnamed Mother of Narrator Minor view
Unnamed Men Who Find Treasure Go Down, Moses Unnamed Men Who Find Treasure Peripheral view
Brother Miller "Uncle Willy" Miller, Brother Minor view
Unnamed Negro Children 2 "Red Leaves" Unnamed Negro Children Minor view
Theophilus McCaslin 1 Absalom, Absalom! McCaslin, Theophilus Minor view
Unnamed Negro Hunters Go Down, Moses Unnamed Negro Hunters Minor view
Unnamed Negro Mothers "Red Leaves" Unnamed Negro Mothers Minor view
Unnamed White Man 4 Absalom, Absalom! Unnamed White Man Minor view
Unnamed Mottson Pedestrians The Sound and the Fury Unnamed Mottson Pedestrians Minor view
Unnamed Enslaved People 4 The Town Unnamed Enslaved People Minor view
Smith and Jones Go Down, Moses Smith and Jones Peripheral view
Dennison Hawk II "The Unvanquished" Hawk, Denny Peripheral view
Unnamed Mourners Sanctuary Unnamed Mourners Peripheral view
Unnamed Moonshine Buyers 2 "A Point of Law" Unnamed Moonshine Buyers Peripheral view
Unnamed Self-Emancipated Mother "Raid" Unnamed Self-Emancipated Negro Mother Minor view
Unnamed Countryman 2 "Barn Burning" Unnamed Countryman Minor view
Mink Snopes' Mother The Mansion Snopes, Mother of Mink Minor view
Unnamed University of Mississippi Students 2 The Hamlet Unnamed University Students Minor view
Unnamed Neighbor in Pensacola 2 Sanctuary Unnamed Neighbor in Pensacola(2) Minor view
Unnamed Country People 4 "The Tall Men" Unnamed Stereotypical Country People Peripheral view
Unnamed Daughter of Zilphia "Miss Zilphia Gant" Unnamed Daughter of Zilphia Peripheral view
Unnamed Negro Inmates 5 Intruder in the Dust Unnamed Negro Convicts Minor view
Will Falls Flags in the Dust Falls, Will Secondary view
Unnamed Hardwick Jailer's Wife The Reivers Unnamed Hardwick Jailor's Wife Peripheral view
Unnamed Inmates 2 "Monk" Unnamed Inmates Minor view
Ikkemotubbe Requiem for a Nun Ikkemotubbe Minor view
Virginia Sartoris Du Pre "All the Dead Pilots" Du Pre, Jenny Minor view
Unnamed Messenger 2 Light in August Unnamed Messenger(2) Minor view
Charles Mallison II "Tomorrow" Mallison, Charles II Secondary view
Unnamed Enslaved Grandmother|Mother of Sam Fathers Go Down, Moses Unnamed Enslaved Mother of Sam Fathers Peripheral view
Alexander Holston The Reivers Holston, Alexander Minor view
Unnamed Confederate Veterans 5 The Town Unnamed Confederate Veterans Minor view
Byron Snopes' Daughter The Town Snopes, Daughter of Byron Snopes Minor view
Armstid Children Light in August Armstid Children Minor view
Mrs. Armstid "Spotted Horses" Armstid, Mrs. Major view
Unnamed Jefferson Townspeople 11 The Unvanquished Unnamed Jefferson Townspeople(2) Minor view
Ellen Coldfield Sutpen "Wash" Sutpen, Mrs. Minor view
Henry Armstid The Mansion Armstid, Henry Minor view
Martha Hatcher The Sound and the Fury Hatcher, Martha Minor view
Candace Compson "Appendix: Compson" Compson, Caddy Major view
Ikkemotubbe "Delta Autumn" Unnamed Chickasaw Chief Peripheral view
Unnamed Translator "Knight's Gambit" Unnamed Translator Peripheral view
Unnamed Negro "New Girl" The Reivers Unnamed Negro "New Girl" Minor view
Old Bayard's Aunt Flags in the Dust Sartoris, Aunt of Old Bayard Peripheral view
Jonas Go Down, Moses Jonas Minor view
Flem Snopes As I Lay Dying Snopes, Flem Peripheral view
Unnamed Bank Customers 1 Requiem for a Nun Unnamed Bank Customers Minor view
Unnamed Cousins of Issetibbeha "Red Leaves" Unnamed Cousins of Issetibbeha Minor view
Unnamed Husband of Fonsiba Go Down, Moses Unnamed Husband of Fonsiba Beauchamp Minor view
Judith Sutpen Absalom, Absalom! Sutpen, Judith Major view
Unnamed Train Passengers 1 Flags in the Dust Unnamed Train Passengers Minor view
Unc Few Mitchell "Retreat" Mitchell, Unc Few Peripheral view
Unnamed Two Men at the Cotillion Ball The Town Unnamed Two Men at the Cotillion Ball Minor view
Robert Ingersoll "Beyond" Ingersoll, Robert Secondary view
Ikkemotubbe "The Old People" Ikkemotubbe Minor view
Unnamed Negro Messenger 3 "Barn Burning" Unnamed Negro Messenger Minor view
Winbush, Wife of Grover Cleveland The Mansion Winbush, Wife of Grover Cleveland Minor view
Unnamed French Customers in Cloche-Clos "Ad Astra" Unnamed French Customers in Cloche-Clos Minor view
Charles Mallison I Intruder in the Dust Mallison, Charles, Sr. Minor view
Unnamed Jefferson Townspeople 10 "Mule in the Yard" Unnamed Jefferson Townspeople Minor view
Unnamed Negro Churchmember 4 The Reivers Unnamed Negro Churchmember Peripheral view
Unnamed Negro Customer 2 The Mansion Unnamed Negro Customer Minor view
Unnamed Johns in Southern Brothels Light in August Unnamed Johns in Southern Brothels Minor view
Unnamed Inhabitants of Modern Jefferson Requiem for a Nun Unnamed Inhabitants of Modern Jefferson Minor view
Unnamed People at the Football Game Intruder in the Dust Unnamed People at the Football Game Minor view
Varner, Children of Will and Maggie The Hamlet Varner, Children of Will and Maggie Minor view
Joby 1 The Unvanquished Joby Minor view
Unnamed Veteran Klansman "By the People" Unnamed Veteran Klansman Minor view
Unnamed Rich Town Lady As I Lay Dying Unnamed Rich Town Lady Peripheral view
John Doe "Knight's Gambit" Doe, John Peripheral view
Unnamed U.D.C. Ladies Requiem for a Nun Unnamed U.D.C. Ladies Minor view


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