Dennison Hawk II

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Dennison Hawk II
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Hawk, Dennison II
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Drusilla Hawk's brother Denny - a nickname for Dennison, their father's name - is ten years old when he first appears, in "Raid." He lives at his family's plantation, Hawkhurst, in Alabama, and shares his cousin Bayard's fascination with the railroad. His small size is used as a point of reference in "The Unvanquished," but he himself does not appear in that story. In "Skirmish at Sartoris" he accompanies his mother on her trip to Yoknapatawpha, and on the day of the election, without her permission, goes into town with Ringo. By the end of the novel The Unvanquished, in which these stories are brought together, he has gotten married and is reading law in Montgomery, Alabama.