Lonzo Hait

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Lonzo Hait
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Hait, Lonzo
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The "defunct husband" of Mrs. Hait - called simply Hait in "Mule in the Yard" (252) and Lonzo Hait in The Town - was helping I.O. Snopes cheat the insurance company when he (along with a string of I.O.'s mules) was killed in a train accident on a blind curve next to his house in Jefferson. According to what his widow says to I.O. in both texts, "you paid him fifty dollars a trip each time he got mules in front of the train in time" (262, 262). According to the narrator of the short story, it was on an "April dawn" ten years earlier that his "mangled remains" were found on the track along with "five mules and several feet of new Manila rope (252). (There's a good chance this Hait is the same character as the "local horse-and-mule trader" named Marvin Hait who appears in The Mansion, 202.)

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