Ludus 2|Unnamed Husbands of Minnie

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Ludus 2|Unnamed Husbands of Minnie
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Ludus 2|Unnamed Husbands of Minnie
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Minnie's former husband in Sanctuary - the first text in which she appears - is described as a "cook in a restaurant" who "didn't approve of Minnie's business" as a maid in a brothel, so he took everything he could from her and "went off with a waitress in the restaurant" (209-10). Minnie sounds glad to be rid of him. The husband referred to in The Mansion is named Ludus - and while he too steals Minnie's money, he also beats her savagely (89); although he's currently in prison, it's not clear that Minnie is rid of him. In The Reivers we're told Minnie was married twice; if this cook is her first and Ludus her second husband, the inconsistencies between their characters would be resolved. But none of the texts makes that clear. Given this ambiguity, we use this one entry to represent 'Minnie's husband or husbands.'