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CharKey Text Name Occupation Ranksort ascending
Bayard Sartoris I Flags in the Dust Sartoris, (Carolina) Bayard Armed Forces Secondary view
Unnamed Imported Slaves of Sutpen Absalom, Absalom! Unnamed Twenty Original Sutpen Slaves Secondary view
George Wyatt "Skirmish at Sartoris" Wyatt, George Secondary view
Unnamed R.A.F. Squadron "All the Dead Pilots" Unnamed R.A.F. Squadron Armed Forces Secondary view
Unnamed Wife of Deputy Sheriff "Pantaloon in Black" Unnamed Wife of Deputy Sheriff Secondary view
Zachary Edmonds Go Down, Moses Edmonds, Zack Management Secondary view
Jim Gant "Miss Zilphia Gant" Gant, Jim Sales and Service Secondary view
Reverend Shegog The Sound and the Fury Shegog, Reverend Professional Secondary view
Virginia Sartoris Du Pre The Unvanquished Du Pre, Jenny Secondary view
Will Varner "Spotted Horses" Varner, Uncle Billy Professional Secondary view
Unnamed Sheriff 4 "The Hound" Unnamed County Sheriff Administrative Secondary view
Lemuel Stevens "Tomorrow" Stevens, Grandfather of Chick Professional Secondary view
Henry Armstid The Hamlet Armstid, Henry Farming Secondary view
Clarence Snopes Sanctuary Snopes, Clarence Administrative Secondary view
Herbert Head The Sound and the Fury Head, Sydney Herbert Administrative Secondary view
Homer Bookwright "Shingles for the Lord" Bookwright, Homer Farming Secondary view
Gowan Stevens The Town Stevens, Gowan Secondary view
John Sartoris I "Ambuscade" Sartoris, Colonel John Armed Forces Secondary view
Maury Bascomb The Sound and the Fury Bascomb, Maury L. Secondary view
Virgil Beard Flags in the Dust Beard, Virgil Secondary view
Isham Quick "Tomorrow" Quick, Isham Production Secondary view
Unnamed Enslaved Husband of Sam's Mother "A Justice" Unnamed Enslaved Husband of Sam's Mother Secondary view
Caroline White Sartoris Flags in the Dust Sartoris, Caroline White Secondary view
I.O. Snopes The Town Snopes, I.O. Transportation Secondary view
Milly Jones "Wash" Jones, Milly Secondary view
Major de Spain Go Down, Moses De Spain, Major Professional Secondary view
Unnamed Negro Headman "Red Leaves" Unnamed Negro Headman Secondary view
Uncle Parsham Hood The Reivers Hood, Uncle Parsham Farming Secondary view
Virginia Sartoris Du Pre Sanctuary Du Pre, Jenny Sartoris Secondary view
Eula Varner Snopes "Spotted Horses" Snopes, Eula Secondary view
Mrs. Armstid The Hamlet Armstid, Mrs. Henry Farming Secondary view
Vernon Tull "Lizards in Jamshyd’s Courtyard" Tull, Vernon Farming Secondary view
Shreve MacKenzie|McCannon The Sound and the Fury MacKenzie, Shreve Secondary view
Unnamed Men Who Chase Christmas Light in August Unnamed Men Who Chase Christmas Secondary view
Unnamed Union Orderly The Unvanquished Unnamed Union Orderly Armed Forces Secondary view
Samuel Worsham Beauchamp "Go Down, Moses" Beauchamp, Samuel Worsham Criminal Secondary view
Versh Gibson The Sound and the Fury Gibson, Versh Domestic Service Secondary view
Rafe MacCallum Flags in the Dust MacCallum, Raphael Semmes Farming Secondary view
Benbow Sartoris "There Was a Queen" Sartoris, Benbow Secondary view
Robert Ingersoll "Beyond" Ingersoll, Robert Secondary view
Bayard Sartoris II The Town Sartoris, Colonel Administrative Secondary view
Lucas Burch Light in August Burch, Lucas Criminal Secondary view
General J.E.B. Stuart Flags in the Dust Stuart, J.E.B. Armed Forces Secondary view
Thomas Jefferson Pettigrew Requiem for a Nun Pettigrew, Thomas Jefferson Administrative Secondary view
Crawford Gowrie Intruder in the Dust Gowrie, Crawford Production Secondary view
Calvin Burden I Light in August Burden, Calvin I Secondary view
Unnamed Sheriff 11 "A Point of Law" Unnamed Sheriff Administrative Secondary view
Ben Quick "Tomorrow" Quick, Ben Production Secondary view
Unnamed Town Boy 1 Sanctuary Unnamed Town Boy(1) Secondary view
Jack|Zack Houston The Mansion Houston, Zack Farming Secondary view
Percy Grimm Light in August Grimm, Percy Production Secondary view
Unnamed Painter "Miss Zilphia Gant" Unnamed Painter Production Secondary view
Ikkemotubbe "Appendix: Compson" Ikkemotubbe Secondary view
Mothershed "Beyond" Mothershed Secondary view
Myrtle 1 Flags in the Dust Myrtle Administrative Secondary view
Unnamed Narrator 10 "A Courtship" Unnamed Narrator Secondary view
Nathaniel Burden Light in August Burden, Nathaniel Secondary view
Vernon Tull As I Lay Dying Tull, Vernon Farming Secondary view
Unnamed Slaves at Sutpen's "Wash" Unnamed Slaves at Sutpen's Secondary view
Spoade I The Sound and the Fury Spoade Secondary view
Loosh "Retreat" Loosh Secondary view
Isaac Snopes The Hamlet Snopes, Ike Domestic Service Secondary view
Joan Heppleton Flags in the Dust Heppleton, Joan Secondary view
Max Confrey Light in August Confrey, Max Criminal Secondary view
Unnamed Father of Narrator 1 "Uncle Willy" Unnamed Father of Narrator Professional Secondary view
Unnamed People of Yoknapatawpha 10 "By the People" Unnamed People of Yoknapatawpha(2) Secondary view
Dennison Hawk II "Raid" Hawk, Denny Secondary view
Henry Armstid Light in August Armstid Farming Secondary view
Jason Compson I Requiem for a Nun Compson, Jason Management Secondary view
Nub Gowrie Intruder in the Dust Gowrie, Nub Secondary view
Mrs. Fentry "Tomorrow" Fentry, Mrs. Secondary view
Secretary "Uncle Willy" Secretary Domestic Service Secondary view
Dicey|Negro Midwife "Wash" Dicey Domestic Service Secondary view
Dennison Hawk II The Unvanquished Hawk, Denny Secondary view
Gavin Stevens Light in August Stevens, Gavin Administrative Secondary view
Unnamed Carnival Worker The Sound and the Fury Unnamed Man with Red Tie Other Secondary view
McKinley Grove Light in August Grove, McKinley Production Secondary view
Eunice 2 Go Down, Moses Eunice Secondary view
Vernon Tull "The Hound" Tull, Vernon Farming Peripheral view
Unnamed Young Girls 3 Absalom, Absalom! Unnamed Young Girls Peripheral view
William Dudley Pelley "Delta Autumn" Pelley, William Dudley Professional Peripheral view
Unnamed Christians "Beyond" Unnamed Christians Peripheral view
Hoke 1 "Fool About a Horse" Hoke Farming Peripheral view
Unnamed European Mistress Requiem for a Nun Unnamed European Mistress Peripheral view
Unnamed Man Killed by Calvin Burden Light in August Unnamed Man Killed by Calvin Burden Peripheral view
Unnamed University Dean Sanctuary Unnamed University Dean Administrative Peripheral view
Unnamed People in the Reconstruction South Absalom, Absalom! Unnamed People in the Reconstruction South Peripheral view
Unnamed Negro Janitor 1 Intruder in the Dust Unnamed Negro Janitor Sales and Service Peripheral view
Unnamed Minister 1 "All the Dead Pilots" Unnamed Minister Professional Peripheral view
Unnamed Reconstruction Treasurer The Unvanquished Unnamed Reconstruction Treasurer Administrative Peripheral view
Thorne Smith "Appendix: Compson" Smith, Thorne Other Peripheral view
Ben Quick's Grandchild The Hamlet Quick, Grandchild of Ben Peripheral view
Mason's Ruffians "A Name for the City" Mason's Ruffians Criminal Peripheral view
Unc Henry Flags in the Dust Henry, "Unc" Farming Peripheral view
New York Yankees The Sound and the Fury New York Yankees Other Peripheral view
Mrs. John Sartoris "My Grandmother Millard and General Bedford Forrest and the Battle of Harrykin Creek" Sartoris, Mother of Bayard Peripheral view
Unnamed Traders and Ship-Owners Go Down, Moses Unnamed Traders and Ship-Owners Transportation Peripheral view
David Crockett The Unvanquished Crockett, David Armed Forces Peripheral view
Doc Meeks The Mansion Meeks, Doc Sales and Service Peripheral view
Unnamed White Teachers The Mansion Unnamed White Teachers Professional Peripheral view


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