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Unnamed Sheriff 4
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Unnamed Sheriff 4
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The county sheriff in "The Hound" is unnamed. He is described as "past middle-age," "a fat, slow man in denim trousers and a collarless white shirt" who smokes a corn cob pipe (156). At first he seems more concerned with his "supper" than with investigating Houston's disappearance (158), but that seems at least in part a disguise. He figures out how to identify and capture the killer, and transports him to jail with both professional care and human respect, while making sure that they eat on the way and also will be "home for supper" on time (163). (When Faulkner re-tells this story in The Hamlet, the killer is a Snopes, and the sheriff who captures him "Hub" or "Hope Hampton." There's no clear reason however to identify this sheriff as Hampton.)

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