Hubert Beauchamp

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Hubert Beauchamp
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Beauchamp, Hubert
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The full name of Ike McCaslin's "Uncle Hubert" in Go Down, Moses, as readers learn when he signs the i.o.u.'s he leaves his nephew instead of a golden treasure, is Hubert Fitz-Hubert Beauchamp. The son of the man who built it, he owns the "Warwick" plantation that is half-a-day’s ride from the McCaslin plantation. After the Civil War he takes a black mistress for a while, and then lives with an aged black servant "in one single room" in the decaying mansion (290) until it burns down. His vainglorious attempt to leave a legacy for his nephew, Ike McCaslin, is a comic failure, but the story of that dwindling inheritance speaks to the changing fortunes of another plantation family after the Civil War.

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