Pete Grier

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Pete Grier
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Grier, Pete
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In "Two Soldiers" Pete Grier, the oldest of the two Grier sons, enlists in the Army after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. "I got to go," he says; "I jest ain't going to put up with no folks treating the United States that way" (83). Before December 7, 1941, he worked on his family's farm in Frenchman's Bend. The "ten acres" of land he himself owns was given to him by his father "when he graduated from the Consolidated" (82). According to his younger brother, who idolizes him, Pete was a very hard worker: "He never got behind like Pap, let alone stayed behind" (82). He is last seen in Memphis on his way to basic training. His death in combat is reported in "Shall Not Perish," but in that text it is made clear by his grieving mother that he did not die in vain.