Papa George

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Papa George
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Papa George
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Georgie, the narrator of "That Will Be Fine" calls his father "Papa," but his actual name is also George. He is "in the livery-stable business" (268), and has no illusions about the dynamics of his wife's family or the character of its black sheep, his wife's brother Rodney. When his wife's sister Louisa, for example, rationalizes Rodney's promiscuous behavior by pointing to his lack of opportunities "to meet a nice girl and marry her," George says: "Marry? Rodney marry? What in hell pleasure would he get out of slipping out of his own house and waiting until after dark and slipping around to the back and climbing up the gutter and into a room where there wasn't anybody in it but his own wife" (274). He clearly resents the fact that Rodney has "tried every known plan to get [money] except work" (267), and yet he works with his wife to avoid scandal, having paid five hundred dollars to cover Rodney's debts on one occasion at least.

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