Vocabulary: Aesthetics
Term ID Term Parent Description
4937 Spain Allusion, Geographical
5017 Spanish Language
4579 Spanish-American War Allusion, Historical
5438 Spenser, Edmund Allusion, Literary
1792 Square brackets Typography/Orthography
2881 St. Louis Allusion, Geographical
3056 Stage direction Description
2319 Stage manager Figures of Speech
5602 Steamboat race Allusion, Historical
3877 Stencil Figures of Speech
5311 Stereotypical Jewish accent Diction

Whenever the text imitates a Jewish accent. JHB

2597 Stone Figures of Speech
5403 Stork Club Allusion, Geographical
3695 Stowe, Harriet Beecher Allusion, Literary
2212 Stream of consciousness narration Narrative
414 Style (First level term)
2312 Styx Allusion, Mythical
5445 Suckling, John Allusion, Literary
3242 Sugar Islands|Carribbean Allusion, Geographical
2315 Summary Narrative
5270 Suspended|Resumed Narrative
4107 Suspense Narrative
5057 Sutpen rejects KKK Recurring Episodes
5052 Sutpen's arrival Recurring Episodes
3741 Swallows Figures of Speech
4090 Swine Figures of Speech
2784 Sword Allusion, Biblical
1101 Symbolism (First level term)
3151 Synesthesia Figures of Speech

For when description in a text merges sensory perceptions. Added for when Benjy in S&F describes "hearing it getting night ... hearing it getting dark." -JBP

4135 Syria Allusion, Geographical
1973 Tableau Description
4122 Taft, President Allusion, Historical
2367 Talisman Figures of Speech
501 Tall tale Genre Conventions
5083 Tallahatchie River Allusion, Geographical
2566 Tamerlane Allusion, Historical
4931 Tarleton, Banastre Allusion, Historical
1875 Taylor, Jeremy Allusion, Literary
4189 Technological imagery Figures of Speech
5064 Temple at Goodwin's Recurring Episodes
5065 Temple at Reba's Recurring Episodes
5062 Temple leaves train Recurring Episodes
5066 Temple testifying Recurring Episodes
4445 Temporal discontinuity Narrative

When narrative relates events in achronological order, i.e. event3 followed by event1 followed by event2, etc. Cf. opening paragraph of Sanctuary. SR

668 Temporal projection Narrative

When the narrative gets ahead of itself, for example in "Race at Morning" Event 305.1 begins "Then we seen him for the first time," but that does not actually happen until two Events later, 305.3, "and then suddenly . . . the buck hisself" (305). It doesn't matter whether the narrative is looking forward a dozen sentences or a hundred pages, whenever it explicitly anticipates something that it won't actually depict until a later Event, it's "Temporal projection." SR

2786 Ten Commandments Allusion, Biblical
2580 Tennessee Allusion, Geographical
4786 Tennessee Junction, Tennessee Allusion, Geographical
5192 Tennyson, Alfred Allusion, Literary
3474 Texas Allusion, Geographical
5037 Texas horses auctioned Recurring Episodes
5420 Thackeray Allusion, Literary
3781 The Tempest Allusion, Literary
2981 Theatrical Symbolism
2982 Theatrical effect Narrative
3055 Theatrical setting Metafictional
3120 Theodicy Interpretation
2851 Thessaloniki Allusion, Geographical
3309 Thompson's Restaurant in Boston, Massachusetts Allusion, Geographical
3874 Threads Figures of Speech
3425 Three score and ten Allusion, Biblical
2345 Thunderclap Figures of Speech
5625 Time Symbolism
3238 Tobruk Allusion, Geographical
5109 Tom Jones Allusion, Literary
1547 Tomb Figures of Speech
5665 Tommy's murder Recurring Episodes
415 Tone (First level term)
1937 Tornado Figures of Speech
3919 Toy bear / teddybear Figures of Speech
3588 Toys Figures of Speech
5615 Train / locomotive imagery Figures of Speech
3914 Treadmill Figures of Speech
3336 Tristan and Isolde Allusion, Literary
5219 Trying to kill Gualdres Recurring Episodes
5470 Tunbridge Wells, England Allusion, Geographical
5556 Tutwiler, Mississippi Allusion, Geographical
5402 Twenty-One Club Allusion, Geographical
416 Typography/Orthography (First level term)
2818 Uncle Remus Allusion, Literary
3696 Uncle Tom's Cabin Allusion, Literary
4700 Under oath Narrative
933 Underlining Typography/Orthography
1267 Unfinished sentence Style
3830 Unicorn Allusion, Mythical
4982 Unidentified character Narrative
2293 University of Mississippi Allusion, Geographical
4293 University of Virginia Allusion, Geographical
2211 Unreliable narrator Narrative
3107 Unspecified shapes Ambiguity
3239 Utah Beach Allusion, Geographical
5444 Valhalla Allusion, Mythical
3728 Valley of the shadow of death Allusion, Biblical
2341 Vampire Allusion, Literary
4323 Van Dorn, Earl Allusion, Historical
2719 Vardaman, James K. Allusion, Historical
3430 Venice Allusion, Geographical
5251 Venus Allusion, Mythical
4170 Vernacular Figures of Speech
1279 Vestal Allusion, Mythical