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CharKey Text Name Occupation Ranksort descending
Unnamed Game Wardens "Race at Morning" Unnamed Game Wardens Administrative Peripheral view
Byron Snopes "There Was a Queen" Unnamed Letter Writer Administrative Peripheral view
General Joseph Johnston "Retreat" Johnston, Joseph Armed Forces Peripheral view
John L. Sullivan Go Down, Moses Sullivan, John L. Other Peripheral view
Mike The Sound and the Fury Mike Sales and Service Peripheral view
Unnamed Sheriff 6 The Unvanquished Unnamed Sheriff Administrative Peripheral view
Unnamed Confederate Leaders "Delta Autumn" Unnamed Confederate Leaders Peripheral view
General Douglas MacArthur "Two Soldiers" MacArthur, General Douglas Armed Forces Peripheral view
Zachary Edmonds "Gold Is Not Always" Edmonds, Father of Roth Management Peripheral view
Huey Long "By the People" Long, Huey Administrative Peripheral view
Major Yoknapatawpha Families Requiem for a Nun Major Yoknapatawpha Names Peripheral view
General Grant "The Unvanquished" Grant, General Ulysses S. Armed Forces Peripheral view
Unnamed Army Sergeant 2 The Mansion Unnamed Army Sergeant(2) Armed Forces Peripheral view
Unnamed Parents of Local War Casualty "Knight's Gambit" Unnamed Parents of Local War Casualty Farming Peripheral view
Unnamed Tennessee Unionists "My Grandmother Millard and General Bedford Forrest and the Battle of Harrykin Creek" Unnamed Tennessee Unionists Peripheral view
General Joseph Johnston The Unvanquished Johnston, General Joseph Armed Forces Peripheral view
Unnamed Non-Mississippians The Mansion Unnamed Non-Mississippians Peripheral view
Unnamed Blockade Runners The Unvanquished Unnamed Blockade Runners Sales and Service Peripheral view
Unnamed Wives and Children "All the Dead Pilots" Unnamed Wives and Children Peripheral view
Unnamed Dentist The Sound and the Fury Unnamed Dentist Professional Peripheral view
Unnamed Father-in-Law of Buddy McCallum "The Tall Men" Unnamed Father-in-Law of Buddy McCallum Peripheral view
Unnamed Slaves of Grenier|Old Frenchman "A Name for the City" Unnamed Slaves of Grenier Peripheral view
Edmonds Go Down, Moses Edmonds, Father of Cass Peripheral view
Abraham Lincoln "Shall Not Perish" Lincoln, Abraham Administrative Peripheral view
Starneses in Alabama "Hair" Starnesses in Alabama Peripheral view
Unnamed Aunt of Temple Drake Sanctuary Unnamed Aunt of Temple Drake Peripheral view
Colonel John Sartoris' Mother Flags in the Dust Sartoris, Mother of Colonel John Peripheral view
General Burgoyne The Mansion Burgoyne, John Armed Forces Peripheral view
Snopeses "Spotted Horses" Snopeses Farming Peripheral view
Maggie Varner As I Lay Dying Varner, Mrs. Peripheral view
Unnamed Wives of Ned McCaslin The Reivers Unnamed Wives of Ned McCaslin Peripheral view
Great Aunt of Charles Mallison "Knight's Gambit" Unnamed Great-Aunt of Charles Mallison Peripheral view
Francis Marion Requiem for a Nun Marion, Francis Armed Forces Peripheral view
General Wilcox Intruder in the Dust Wilcox, General Cadmus Armed Forces Peripheral view
Unnamed Revenue Officers and Deputies "A Point of Law" Unnamed Revenue Officers and Deputies Administrative Peripheral view
Unnamed Federal Commissioner "A Point of Law" Unnamed Federal Commissioner Administrative Secondary view
Unnamed Painter "Miss Zilphia Gant" Unnamed Painter Production Secondary view
Otis The Reivers Otis Secondary view
Caroline Bascomb Compson "That Evening Sun" Compson, Mrs. Jason Secondary view
Louvinia The Unvanquished Louvinia Secondary view
Wesley Pritchel "An Error in Chemistry" Pritchel, Wesley Farming Secondary view
Unnamed Members of Mob Intruder in the Dust Unnamed Members of Mob Secondary view
Jim 1 "Fool About a Horse" Jim Sales and Service Secondary view
Ab Snopes The Unvanquished Snopes, Ab Criminal Secondary view
Henry Armstid Light in August Armstid Farming Secondary view
Unnamed Granddaughter of James Beauchamp Go Down, Moses Unnamed Mistress of Edmonds|Granddaughter of James Beauchamp Professional Secondary view
George Wilkins "Gold Is Not Always" Wilkins, George Farming Secondary view
Ad "Lion" Ad Domestic Service Secondary view
Thomas Jefferson Pettigrew Requiem for a Nun Pettigrew, Thomas Jefferson Administrative Secondary view
Sam Fathers Go Down, Moses Fathers, Sam Secondary view
Montgomery Ward Snopes The Town Snopes, Montgomery Ward Sales and Service Secondary view
Mrs. John McLendon "Dry September" McLendon, Mrs. John Secondary view
Bookwright "Tomorrow" Bookwright Farming Secondary view
Harry Mitchell Flags in the Dust Mitchell, Harry Management Secondary view
Belle Mitchell Benbow Sanctuary Benbow, Belle Mitchell Secondary view
Tomey's Turl Go Down, Moses Tomey's Turl Secondary view
Fonzo Winbush Sanctuary Fonzo Secondary view
Charles Mallison I The Town Mallison, Charles Sr. Sales and Service Secondary view
Unnamed Lawyer 4 Absalom, Absalom! Unnamed Lawyer Professional Secondary view
McKinley Grove Light in August Grove, McKinley Production Secondary view
Mrs. Quentin Compson II "Skirmish at Sartoris" Compson, Mrs. Secondary view
Judge Gowan "A Point of Law" Gowan, Judge Administrative Secondary view
Ab Snopes "Vendee" Snopes, Ab Other Secondary view
Unnamed R.A.F. Squadron "All the Dead Pilots" Unnamed R.A.F. Squadron Armed Forces Secondary view
Jackson MacCallum Flags in the Dust MacCallum, Jackson Farming Secondary view
Molly Worsham Beauchamp Go Down, Moses Beauchamp, Molly Secondary view
Papa George "That Will Be Fine" Papa Sales and Service Secondary view
Flem Snopes "Barn Burning" Snopes, Older Brother of Sarty Secondary view
Uncle Dick Bolivar "Lizards in Jamshyd’s Courtyard" Uncle Dick Other Secondary view
Hamp Worsham "Go Down, Moses" Worsham, Hamp Sales and Service Secondary view
Gerald Bland "Ad Astra" Bland Armed Forces Secondary view
Thorpe Brothers "Tomorrow" Thorpe, Brothers Secondary view
Mrs. Armstid Light in August Armstid, Martha Farming Secondary view
Sis Rachel Flags in the Dust Rachel, Sis Domestic Service Secondary view
Job Wylie "Uncle Willy" Wylie, Job Domestic Service Secondary view
Henry Wyatt Go Down, Moses Wyatt, Henry Secondary view
Jason Compson I Requiem for a Nun Compson, Jason Management Secondary view
Boon Hogganbeck Go Down, Moses Hogganbeck, Boon Secondary view
General J.E.B. Stuart Flags in the Dust Stuart, J.E.B. Armed Forces Secondary view
Ffollansbye "All the Dead Pilots" Ffollansbye Armed Forces Secondary view
Quentin Compson I "Appendix: Compson" Compson, Quentin MacLachan Secondary view
Aunt Sally Wyatt Flags in the Dust Wyatt, Aunt Sally Secondary view
(Little) Belle Mitchell Sanctuary Mitchell, (Little) Belle Secondary view
Wilmoth "Go Down, Moses" Wilmoth, Mr. Other Secondary view
Virgil Snopes Sanctuary Snopes, Virgil Secondary view
Wash Jones Absalom, Absalom! Jones, Wash Secondary view
Grumby The Unvanquished Grumby Criminal Secondary view
Wallstreet Panic Snopes The Town Snopes, Wallstreet Panic Sales and Service Secondary view
Tom 1 "A Point of Law" Tom Administrative Secondary view
Vernon Tull As I Lay Dying Tull, Vernon Farming Secondary view
Minnie Sanctuary Minnie Domestic Service Secondary view
Unnamed Italian-American Girl The Sound and the Fury Unnamed Italian-American Girl Secondary view
Stuart MacCallum Flags in the Dust MacCallum, Stuart Farming Secondary view
Louvinia "Retreat" Louvinia Secondary view
Nat Beauchamp Wilkins Go Down, Moses Beauchamp, Nat Secondary view
Eckrum Snopes The Hamlet Snopes, Eck Transportation Secondary view
Jack|Zack Houston "The Hound" Houston Farming Secondary view
Jake 1 "Death Drag" Jake Transportation Secondary view
Mrs. Armstid "Lizards in Jamshyd’s Courtyard" Armstid, Mrs. Farming Secondary view
Buck Monaghan "Ad Astra" Monaghan Armed Forces Secondary view


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