Lon Quick II

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Lon Quick II
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Quick, Lon II
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There are several Quicks living in Frenchman's Bend - Faulkner scholars don't agree on how many. To Brooks, Solon Quick and Lon Quick are one character. Dasher and Kirk, on the other hand, separate them into two characters, which is what we also do in our data. Nor is it absolutely clear how to disambiguate Lon Sr. and his son Lon Jr., or as they are sometimes referred to by other inhabitants of the Bend, "Big Lon" and "Little Lon." This entry is Lon Junior's, who appears in three texts altogether. In his first appearance, in As I Lay Dying, he is the neighbor to the Bundren family who finds Dr. Peabody’s buckboard "upside down straddle of the ditch about a mile from the spring" (85), and is at Samson's when the Bundrens ride by (112). In the other texts he is only mentioned, curiously, in connection with recognizing other men's horses.