Fonzo Winbush

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Fonzo Winbush
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Winbush, Fonzo
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In Sancutary Fonzo is one of the "two youths in new straw hats" - both babes in the wood - who attend barber 'college' in Memphis and end up innocently renting a room in Miss Reba's bordello (177). Fonzo is the more concupiscent of the pair in that novel: "always conscious of women, of female flesh," he leaves the door of their bedroom ajar in the hopes that one of Reba's "daughters" will enter (195-96), and he is the one who finds out about another brothel and takes Virgil to it. He re-appears, briefly, in The Mansion, which gives him a last name, "Winbush," and a family relation: in the chapter Mink Snopes narrates he says both that he "believes" that Fonzo is the nephew of Grover Winbush and, two pages later, that "he was Grover Winbush's nephew" (79, 81).

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